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Full text of "Issue 185: Prince Albert Friend - July 2012"

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prince Albert iflricnii 

'n Gemeenskapskoerant wat Prince Albert, Klaarstroom, Leeu-Gamka en Merweville bedien 


Prys/Price: R7,00 

July/August 2012 

Prince Albert takes centre stage 

Back I to r: Hetta Saunderson, M4 Events, Jeremia Prens, PA Tourism, Pieter Coen, Kwela presenter, 

Johannes Khiba, assistant cameraman, Wim Du Plessis, cameraman. Front I to r: Hanne Koster, 

Kwela producer, Karin Burger, Rapport, Odile Wanie, PA Tourism, Zelia Mullins, PA Tourism. 

n July 1 1 th a very important film 
crew rolled into town. 

And their quest? 

To capture that intangible "something" 
that could win Prince Albert the coveted 
place of Western Cape finalist in the 
Kwela en Rapport se Dorp van die Jaar 
kompetisie 2012. 

Earlier I had sent a three-page list of 
recommended attractions to Pieter 
Cilliers Produksies which, after a flurry 
of e-mails, was whittled down to just 
one-page. They then allocated a time- 
slot, drew up a shooting schedule and 
tasked me with the job of "film-crew 
guide." Filming was to take place over 
two days, beginning at sunrise and end- 
ing at sunset... or beyond. 

I was to plan the shortest routes between 
points of interest. Get the 'actors' ready, 
and willing, on time. Keep the weather 
beautiful and the wind at breeze level. 

And make sure that any animals sched- 
uled to be shot understood that this was 
purely a technical term and no guns 
would be involved. 

Early on the first morning, we were due 
to film Gay's Angora goats being moved 
along Christina de Wit Street. While 
waiting for them, the sun came up and 
the cameras started rolling. Little did I 
know that that impromptu shoot - of the 
mountains, the bougainvillea, the wind- 
mill and Dennehof - would become the 
main 'clip' in the Rapport article a few 
days later. 

Next was a visit to Ellen Joubert and the 
Handmade-Karoo-Handgemaak project. 
Here presenter Pieter Coen played with 
Rose Balie's sheep and Dina Fortuin told 
the cameras that living in Prince Albert 
was just like life in the soapie 7de Laan ! 

This was followed by a drive up the 
Swartberg Pass with Judy Maguire, 

(Continued on p 10) 

hou Padfees 

Die lint is met groot fanfare en op- 
winding geknip op 9 Augustus 
1 962 toe die lank verwagte pad na Gam- 
kaskloof oopgestel is. En nou, presies 
vyftig jaar later, is almal weer in rep en 
roer om die pad "Hel" toe te gedenk. Op 
Vrydag, 10 Augustus, om 09h00, word 
daar weer 'n lint geknip by die Otto du 
Plessis-afdraaipad na Gamkaskloof soos 
toe die pad in gebruik geneem is - 'n 
seremonie gereel deur geskiedenisken- 
ner, Hennie van der Merwe. 

Die plegtigheid sal waargeneem word 
deur Otto du Plessis se twee kinders, 
Elnarie van Huyssteen en Louis du Ples- 
sis, wie se ma in 1962 die eer gehad het 
om die lint te knip. Die Wes-Kaap se 
minister van Landbou sal 'n huldigings- 
boodskap bring en Goliath Lottering, 
Prince Abert se burgemeester en Sandra 
Hugo, dogter van padmaker Koos van 
Zyl, sal ook hul se se. 

Daarna kan geesdriftiges die kronkelrit 
aanpak na die Jouberts se Restaurant op 
die Gasteplaas Fontein vir 'n uitsonderli- 
ke fees wat sommer die res van die na- 
week gaan duur. Saterdagoggend word 
egte Boeresport aangebied en heerlike 
potjiekos, potbrode en roosterkoek gaan 
monde laat water. Mejuffrou "Prikkel- 
pop" gaan gekroon word en oud-Klower 
Annetjie Mostert gaan 'n geskiedenistoer 
deur die vallei lei. Ander oud-Klowers 
gaan ook hul kennis en stories met gaste 

prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

Farewell Cornie 

We were saddened by the passing in 
mid-July of Cornie Koen who 
managed the Prince Albert Friend's 
accounts and administration so diligently 
for the last seven years. At the same time 
we know that she is at peace. We will 
miss her gentle nature, her soft laugh, the 
twinkle in her eye and her positive 
approach to life no matter what. Our 
thoughts are with her loved ones and 
especially her and Johan's daughter, 
Illandy, of whom she was so proud and 
who she loved deeply. 

Cornie was dedicated to the Friend and 
would no doubt have found pleasure in 
this edition. Our contributors have done 
us proud but then again Prince Albert and 
surrounds are where stories happen. The 
Kwela/Rapport Dorp van die Jaar com- 
petition is prominent and soon we will 
know whether Prince Alberters have done 
enough to ensure that the town comes up 
trumps. Tourism Manager, Zelia Mullins, 
has written a delightful personal account 
of the Kwela/Rapport team's three-day 
visit to the town and a spread of photos 

gives a taste of what they did here. 

We also cover the upcoming 50' anniver- 
sary of the official opening of the Otto du 
Plessis Road to Gamkaskloof. The 
endeavours of the Gamkasklowers before 
there was a road out of the valley and the 
building of the road are remarkable 
stories as captured by Lydia Barrella. 

We continue the 'Honour Our Roots; In- 
spire Our Youth' series and there are 
other good news stories too. We reflect 
the glamour of Hoerskool Zwartberg's 
Matric Farewell, Prince Albert's version 
of Hollywood's Red Carpet, as well as the 
activities of community organisations, 
including the lead up to the N G Kerk's 
150 th bazaar. 

This is Women's Month - please take 
time to read the article on women's health 
programmes in Prince Albert and sur- 
rounds. Our entire community benefits 
when women's health is addressed 

Other Perspectives 

Religions are different roads converging 

upon the same point. 

What does it matter that we take different 


So long as we reach the same goal. 

- Mahatma Gandhi - 

Write it on your heart 

that every day is the best day in the year. 

He is rich who owns the day, and no one 

owns the day 

who allows it to be invaded with fret and 


Finish every day and be done with it. 
You have done what you could. 
Some blunders and absurdities, no doubt 
crept in. 

Forget them as soon as you can, tomor- 
row is a new day; 

begin it well and serenely, with too high 
a spirit 
to be cumbered with your old nonsense. 

This new day is too dear, 

with its hopes and invitations, 

to waste a moment on the yesterdays. 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson - 


Kerkstraat 83 
(023) 5411 058 1 082 854 1303 1 (023) 5411 337 

Mon/Ma - Fri/Vry: 8:30 - 13:30 ♦ 14:30 - 18:00 
Sat/Sa: 09:00- 13:00 
Sun/Son: 10:45- 11:45 

Elsofie Pretorius - BSc. Pharm/Farm 

Editor: Linda Jaquet 
Finansies: Zelia Mullins 

Bladuitleg & advertensie ontwerp: 

Kerneels Mulder 

We aim to deliver a Prince Albert Friend 
to the community at the end of each 
month. To make this possible, we need 
to receive contributions & advertise- 
ments by 13 AUGUST 2012. 

Handig kopie in, verkieslik in MS Word 
2000 formaat, getik of in drukskrif ge- 
skryf by die toerismekantoor of e-pos 

Subscription / Intekening 

11 issues p.a. @ R180,00 - including 
postage & packaging. 

Apart from Nov/Dec, this is a monthly 
publication. U kan by die toerisme- 
kantoor langs die Fransie Pienaar 
Museum inteken. 


Closing date for 

contributions and adverts 

for the next issue is 

13 AUGUST 2012 

No late submissions 

Inserts charged at R500 each 

Advert costs 

Full page R350; Half page R190; 
Quarter page (12cm x 9.45cm) R100; 
R5,40 for every cm per column. R3,00 
per line for small ads. 

Advertensies moet by die 

Toerismekantoor ingehandig word. 

Advertisements must be handed in 

at the Tourism Bureau 

Note: Adverts are limited to the 
following widths (except in the case of 
a quarter page): 6.1cm (1 column), 
12.8cm (2 columns) and 19cm (3 col- 
umns). They can however be any 
height. Proofs only by request. 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert Urienfc 




084 491 5062 

Office : 023-5411295 

Seven Arches Building 

Opposite the Museum & Info Office 


The good news about doing business with our Independent Estate Agency! 
Flexible commission - No VAT on commission - Savings for Buyers & Sellers 


Superbly restored with 
elegance and style. Fine 
finishes throughout. 
Two bedrooms, two 
bathrooms (mes) gor- 
geous open-plan living/ 

dining area with en- 
dosed n/f verandah to 
charming garden with 

fruit, herbs & veg. 

Garden flat for guests, 

tenant or studio. 

fm -^* 



iifajji_ lJ 

HUT r 9mP 

""-■"■' "'" ■ i-.-.Jaf" 


3-bed traditional house in 
serene established 2000m 2 
garden, double garage, stone 
outbuilding, borehole, auto- 
irrigation & n/f patio. 
Wooden floors & sashes. 



smallholdings for sale 

at this 

exclusive address 

5 hectares 

from R450 000 

Koppie Magic— R1.15M 

Fabulous views from this 
2-bdrmd, 2-bathrmd home in 

indigenous garden leading 
straight onto koppie. Lock up 
& leave, or move in & enjoy. 


Unlimited vistas & extensive river frontage. 
Unique smallholding offers an ideal opportu- 
nity to live an independent lifestyle off the 
grid. No more Eskom charges or hassles! 

New release 
R900 000 

Securely enclosed in a quiet 

street on 1000m 2 , this sturdy 

home has a surprising amount 

of space. Three bedrooms, TV 

room, living room, enormous 

kitchen/dining room combined, 

with loads of cupboards and a 

scullery. Borehole with solar 

pump plus Leiwater! 

Enormous shade net 

enclosure in rear garden. 

This architect-designed home comprises 2 dwellings - the 
270m 2 main house with double-volume interior AND a 
beautiful guest cottage with international style 
interiors in a historic Karoo setting. 
Both lead to a sheltered patio with lap pool and gazebo. 
The main house features two bedrooms and a bathroom with 
circular mosaic-tiled tub, multi-level living, dining and kitchen 
areas occupying the ground floor, and a sweeping ramp to the 
upper level artist's studio with roof-top entertainment deck. 
The sale includes equipment in the guest cottage and im- 
ported kitchen appliances in the main house 

This is just a small sample of what we have in our extensive property portfolio. 
Visit our website for fresh properties, Prince Albert news and market trends updated regularly. 

prince Albert JUne-no 

July/August 2012 


Die Prince Albert Vriend behou die reg voor om briewe to redigeer en te verkort. 
Briewe moet vergesel wees van die skrywer se naam, adres en telefoonnommer (nie vir bekendstelling nie.) 

Totsiens van Lettie en Gawie 

Sedert 2005, 'n relatiewe kort tydjie, 
het ons baie vriende en kennisse op 
Prince Albert en omgewing gemaak. Ons 
lewensreis hier het ons op baie op- en 
afdraende geneem, selfs moeilike en 
uitdagende bergpasse oor, maar altyd op 
'n ongelooflike ontdekkingstog, waar ons 
meer van onsself en die Skepper kon 
ontdek en ervaar. 

Ons is ongelooflik lief vir die Karoo. Die 
sonsondergange is sekerlik uniek. Maar 
die Groot Navigator lei ons nou terug na 
die Tuinroete en ons vertrek eersdaags na 
Heidelberg (Kaap). Om "af te tree" ? Nie 
so seker nie. Weet nie watter 'werk' daar 
gedoen moet word nie, maar die kinders 
en kleinkinders kan nie meer wag dat 
Oupa en Ouma nou naby hulle kom 
woon nie. ..die bestelling vir 'n duiwehok 
is al klaar in! En Ouma moet asb al die 
borduur- en hekelboeke saambring, want 
die meisiekinders is nou 'hooked' op die 
ge'hook' van hekelwerk. Hopelik word 
Ouma nou 'n rerige ouma, dis nou te se 
as jy 'n paling in 'n emmer kan hou. 

Eens tydens 'n werksonderhoud in die 

verlede was aan my gevra watter 
monumente ek (ons) beplan om te bou. 
Ek glo nie 'n mens beplan dit werklik nie, 
maar ons vertrou dat waar ons betrokke 
was, op persoonlike vriendskaps-, werks- 
en kerkverband of waar ookal die 
nalatenskap die geur van Christus sal dra 
en daarop voortgebou sal kan word. 

Baie dankie julle almal. 

"Yster slyp yster, vriende vorm mekaar". 


Ons sal darem nog van tyd tot tyd Prince 
Albert besoek; mens keer mos weer en 
weer terug na Mekka en die soet vrugte 
van die paradys. 

Gawie en Lettie Breytenbach 

Eerste Botmas in Prince Albert 


ie volgende het betrekking : Uit- 
gawe 184 van Junie/Julie 
2012...bladsy 25, die artikel getiteld : 
PROUD" eerste paragraaf van die laaste 
kolom op die bladsy, haal ek aan : "many 
of the familiar surnames in the district 
such as Botma, de Wit, Rossouw were 


Vir 'n jaar se subskripsie (1 1 uitgawes) stuur asseblief 'n tjek van R1 80 betaalbaar aan 

Prince Albert Vriend sowel as u volledige besonderhede na die volgende adres: 

Prince Albert Vriend, Posbus 109, Prince Albert, 6930 

Elektroniese oorbetalings kan gemaak word aan Prince Albert Vriend 

Spaarrekening no: 9075581210, Takkode: 334708, ABSA, Prince Albert 

Gebruik u naam as verwysing en faks asseblief bewys van betaling 

insluitende u volledige besonderhede aan 023 541 1 788 of per e-pos: 


For a year's subscription (1 1 issues) to The Prince Albert Friend please send a cheque for the amount of 

R180, payable to "Prince Albert Vriend", as well as your full details to: 

Prince Albert Vriend, PO Box 109, Prince Albert, 6930 

EFT's can be made to: Savings account 9075581210, 

Branch Code: 334708, ABSA Bank, Prince Albert 

Please use your name as reference and fax proof of payment, 

including your full details to 023 5411 788 or via email to: 

direct descendants of the two first Botes 
brothers in South Africa" 

Die geskiedenisboeke dui aan dat die 
Leenplaas Kweeckvallei aan twee broers, 
Stephanus Johannes Botma en Gerrit 
Lodewyk Botma, deur Sir George Napier, 
destyds Goewerneur van die Kaapkolonie, 
oorgedra was op 15 April 1841. 

Die Museum beskik oor 'n onuitputlike 
bron van inligting oor van die vroegste 
geskiedenis van Prince Albert indien u 
skrywers en lesers inligting sou benodig. 

C J Botma 

Thank you to 
two guardian angels 

I n 6 July 20 1 2 my partner and I were 
returning home to Durban from Pa- 
ternoster. We had a blow out 30 kilome- 
tres from Prince Albert. Fortunately no 
one was hurt in the incident. However, two 
wonderful women stopped to keep us com- 
pany while I changed the tyre. 

Due to the shock and all the goings on, 
I cannot remember their names; I just re- 
member that they have a house in Prince 
Albert which they visit every second 
weekend and they drive a Mercedes Benz 
SUV. They also mentioned that they live 
in Bloubergstrand. (We were driving a 
silver Suzuki Jimny.) 

If it is at all possible I would like to con- 
vey my sincere gratitude to both of them. 
I am hoping that the Friend can help me to 
contact them or possibly relay my message 
onto them. They were our guardian an- 
gels. A HUGE THANK YOU to both of 
you! We need more people like you in this 

Janet Redfern 

Ed. - Zelda Koorts and Tania van de Vyfer 
were the ' 'Guardian Angels" 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert Urienfc 

Prince Albert has the best Post Office in the South Cape 

said Noluvo Dlulane, SA Post Office re- 
gional manager for consumer services. She 
continued: "We hope that these awards will 
inspire those working for the SA Post office 
to continue to provide service with a smile 
and go that extra mile for the communities 
within which they operate." 

Winners for the operational excellence 
awards are audited every six months and the 
auditors use a nationally standardised op- 
erational checklist. A minimum score of 90 
per cent is required to qualify for any 

The winners in the Western Cape will com- 
pete with their national counterparts at the 
end of the year. "I trust one of our branches 
will walk away with the national prize!" 
concluded Dlulane. 

Congratulations, Ronel and your team! As 
far as we are concerned, there's no contest, 
our Post Office is the best in the country! 

Dan Mbatha, General Manager, Retail Operations, SA Post Office with Ronel Tolken, Melanie Meiring and 
Malcolm Horsban of the Prince Albert Post Office (Photo: ogiivy pr) 

Prince Albert Post Office won the title 
of best branch in the South Cape 
region at the bi-annual Operational Excel- 
lence Awards with a remarkable 97.18%. 
The award ceremony took place on Satur- 
day, 21 July 2012 at the '15 on Orange' 
hotel in Cape Town. 

"We are thrilled with our award!" said 
Ronel Tolken, branch manager. "The 
achievement is thanks to a policy of doing 
everything right the first time." 

"The awards were established to acknowl- 
edge and reward outstanding service," 

Wine tastings / 
Wine sales 

Monday - Thursday 
08h00 - 16h30 

08h00 - 16h00 

lOhOO - 15h00 


lOhOO - 15h00 

*(Phone office to confirm) 




Rendezvous Red n/v @ R25.00 

Shiraz Reserve '05 @ R40.00 

Pienk Pikkewyn 3L box Rose '10 

@ R35.00 

Office Tel: (023) 541 1703 


Wynproee / 

Maandag - Donderdag 
08h00 - 16h30 

08h00 - 16h00 

lOhOO- 15h00 


lOhOO- 15h00 

*(Bel kantoor om te bevestig) 


Prince Albert Valley 

(Cellar is situated on the R407 - 22km outside Prince Albert - towards Klaarstroom) 

prince Albert ifinznb 

July/August 2012 

Starry Splendour over Prince Albert 

In August the days will be noticeably 
longer as since 7 July they have 
lengthened daily by one minute in the 
morning and one minute in the evening. 

This is the time for the rich winter con- 
stellation Sagittarius in the dense part of 
the Milky Way above our heads at night. 
The Archer is difficult to recognise as 
such and it is much easier to look for a 
teapot with lid, handle and spout under 
the Scorpion where the Milky Way 
seems to split. European stargazers envy 
us because we have the most beautiful 
winter constellations right above our 
heads, while they have to look low over 
their southern horizon for them. 

This is the direction of the centre of our 
Milky Way galaxy and in this area of the 
sky we can find at least 20 Messier ob- 
jects i.e. open clusters, globular clusters, 
double stars and nebulae that are awe- 
some through binoculars and telescope. 
The French astronomer Charles Messier 
(1730 - 1817) compiled a catalogue of 
110 hazy objects in the sky that become 
splendid gems when observed with 
some magnification. 

Near Sagittarius or rather just under the 
teapot is a clear little arch of stars like a 
crown, hence its name: Corona Aus- 
tralis, the Southern Crown, in contrast to 
the Northern Crown: Corona Borealis 
which can be found by just looking 
north at the same elevation. 

Venus will remain the striking Morning 
Star for the rest of the month. 

Full Moon is twice this month on 2 Au- 
gust and on 31 August with the latter 
being called "Blue Moon" although it 
will not be close to that colour. From 
now on Full Moon will be at the end of 
the month for the rest of the year. New 
Moon is on 17 August. 

Jupiter is very bright (mag. - 2.7) in 
Taurus and is close to Aldebaran in the 
early morning but will move together 
with that constellation earlier into the 
night until it becomes an evening object 
in December. 

Saturn can only be observed for a few 
hours after sunset at the beginning of 
August but try to observe it with Mars 
close by on the 15* of the month. Look- 
ing north a configuration like a large 
cross can be seen. This is Cygnus, the 
swan, thus also called the Northern 

The Sun is our most observed star with 
six unmanned solar telescopes spread 
over the Earth studying the Sun continu- 
ously. One of these automatic telescopes 
is at Sutherland where it tracks the Sun 
automatically and measures its oscilla- 
tion caused by the gravitational pull of 
the passing planets. There are now nine 
dedicated satellites measuring the solar 
magnetic field, solar flares, sun spots 
and the ejection of solar energetic parti- 
cles that cause beautiful Auroras in the 
polar regions but that are dangerous to 
earthlings and especially astronauts. 
Never look at the Sun with unprotected 
eyes or through unsuitable equipment! 

The beloved Southern Cross is now po- 
sitioned on its side with the pointers 
above it, all of them on their way to dis- 
appear behind the Swartberg soon until 
January, but the outstanding Magellan 
Clouds high in the sky will make up for 

Keep the stars in your eyes! 

- Hans Daehne - 


Augustus 2012 

I August: PA Garden Club, work party at 
Fransie Pienaar Museum garden, 15:00 
10 Augustus: 50-jarige viering van die 
Otto du Plessispad na Gamkaskloof, 

10 Augustus: NG Kerk: Kom KuierSaam 
om die Kampvure, Markie, 17:00 tot laat 

II Augustus: NG Kerk se 150ste basaar, 

29 August: Tourism Association AGM 

30 & 31 Augustus: Hoerskool Zwartberg 
se kultuuraand 

September 2012 
1 SeptemberTTDx Prince Albert: "Meet 
me there: Working Beneath, Between 
and Beyond towards a thriving planet" 
4 September: Prince Albert Primer Vis- 

15 September: New Apostolic Church 
Choirs Music Hour, 15:00 
21 - 23 September: Saamtrek van die De 
Beer familie 

24 September: Heritage Day Community 

28 September - 1 October: Prince Albert 
Art Festival 

We show you the stars... 
In the Great Karoo! 

Phone Tilanie : 072-732-2950 
(before 16h00) 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert BriE-no 

"Kom ons praat Eiendom!", se Denise Ohlson — 25 jaar in Prince Albert... 
Denise Ohlson, 25 years in Prince Albert, says: "Let's talk property." 

Rl,l mil 
Fraai huis teen die koppie 
met die ongelooflikste uit- 
sigte. Twee slaapkamers en- 
suite, sitkamer met kaggel, 
kombuis met alle implimente 

Rl,2 mil 

Mooiste Victoriaanse huis, 
perfek opgeknap. Twee 
slaapkamers, pragtige bad- 
kamers, tydskrif-kombuis. 
Lekker sonstoep, gawe tuin. 
Aparte woonstel. Garage. 

R3,5 mil 

Hou jy van die ongewone? 
Kom kyk dan na House Sally 
en betree 'n nuwe wereld van 
styl en argitektoniese kuns. 
Plus 'n perfekte kothuis! 

Rl,7 mil 
This fabulous property is 
waiting for the clever pur- 
chaser who will value the 
luxurious space and comfort, 
enjoy the garden and com- 
manding views... 


Large erf of 4,400 m 2 in 
stupendous setting of indige- 
nous veld and plants. Plan 
your dream house with 
views from sunrise to sunset 
to moonrise. 

What an opportunity! Best 
value for your money for this 
spacious three bedroomer. 
Outbuildings offers rental 
income. Tandem garage. 
Good size plot. 

Kerkstraat 83 

Denise Ohlson: c 082 826 1326 t 023 541 1484 f 086 664 2437 

prince Albert ifinznb 

July/August 2012 


Soweto Social Cohesion Summit - 2012 

I nder leiding van Hannetjie du 
Preez van Departement Kultuur- 
sake en Sport het Prince Albert se 
Sosiale Samehorigheidsberaad in Au- 
gustus 2011 sy afskop gehad in die 
Fransie Pienaar Museum. Die gevolg: 
Op Dinsdag, 3 Julie, vertrek Brett Bard, 
Sidney Koonthea, Hennie du Plessis, 
Brendon Kammies en Christeline Ester- 
huizen uit Prince Albert na die George 
Lughawe om OR Tambo toe te vlieg vir 
die Social Cohesion Summit 2012 in 
Kliptown, Soweto. Dit was Christeline 
en Brendon se eerste keer in die lug, 
maar nie eens al die geterg kon hul op- 
winding demp nie en die vlug was 'n 
onvergeetlike genot. 

Vanaf die OR Tambo Lughawe is die 
span per taxi na die Soweto Hotel waar 
hulle hoor die registrasie is uitgestel na 
die volgende oggend... Daarvandaan is 
die span, party vies, ander weer vol lag 
en praatjies, na die City Lodge in Four- 
ways - waar almal gevoel het soos adel- 

likes in die luukse akkommodasie. Daar is 
sommer ter plaatse weggespring met 
Sosiale Samehorigheid deur met die 
Mosselbaai-span inligting uit te ruil en te 
praat oor die werk van vrywilligers wat 
nodig is om 'n verandering te maak in ons 

Die Summit is die volgende dag geopen 
deur President Jacob Zuma en hy het gese: 
"This country belongs to all who live in it, 
no Government could claim authority. It 
belongs to the people." Premier Helen 
Zille het gese: "As die regering nie optree 
en Sosiale Samehorigheid aktiveer nie, 
gaan jongmense nie werk in die toekoms 
he nie. Geen regering kan alleen Sosiale 
Samehorigheid skep nie, elkeen het 'n spe- 
sifieke rol om Sosiale Samehorigheid te 
laat realiseer." 

Daarna het ander ministers en politieke 
partye hul menings gegee oor hoe Sosiale 
Samehorigheid in Afrika gei'mplimenteer 
kan word. Minister Dlamini-Zuma se op- 

merking was veral treffend: "Social Co- 
hesion should not just be talk, especially 
from Government; but it must become 
an action that we all need to participate 

Die volgende dag is "Economic Ine- 
qualities", "Spatial Divisions", "Social 
Interaction and Co-operation and Soli- 
darity", "Prejudice and Discrimination", 
"National Identity and Unity" in vyf 
kommissies bespreek waar landsburgers 
hul menings gelug het. Die Summit was 
'n goeie toekomstige leermeester, en 
almal sien uit na vyf jaar vorentoe, wan- 
neer teruggerapporteer gaan word oor 
wat die Summit se gevolg was. 

Hiermee word die Fransie Pienaar Mu- 
seum bedank vir hul bydra tot vervoer- 
koste na George en terug Prince Albert 

- Christeline Esterhuizen - 

Brett the Vet 

90 Church Street 

Veterinary consultations 
& surgery 

Monday 9am - 4pm 

Thursday 9am - 4pm 

By appointment 

Dr Brett Bard B VSc MRCVS 

072 601 2496 

Available 24hrs 


Beauty and Hair Salon 

(7 Arches building) 

Choose between a variety of 
beauty treatments and products!! 

Environ facial products 

Thalgo slimming and detox products 

Healthy teas 

Body scrubs 

Foot files and nail polish 

Gift vouchers and much more! ! ! 

Call Elmarie Botes at: 0812867609 
Esme blom (hair dresser) : 0763836742 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 

Become part of the 'Town-of-the-Year' finalist! 

"Right now the Karoo is the place to be - and Prince Albert is the town to invest in." 

PRICE: R2 I50O0O neg. 

This unique and recent addition to the village overlooks a sparkling pool and the distant 
hills. With two en-suite bedrooms, spacious double-volume living space (lounge, dining 
area and kitchen), cement floors, sash windows and shutters throughout. Garage, wine 
room, study and a loft studio round it all off, as does the garden with grey water system. 

PRICE: R2 500 000 

Set in the historic De Queekvallei, this thatched home dates back to 1774. The 2200 
SQM erf with indigenous garden offers spectacular views. With large master bedroom, 
guest bedroom with attic (both en-suite), and an open-plan lounge/dining room and 
kitchen. A fully equipped one bedroom Granny Flat, laundry, garage and small pool add to 
its charm. 

PRICE: Rl 150 000 

Nestled in Klip street and with sublime views of the western slopes of town (on a 840 
SQM erf), this solid, secure property makes for a typical 'lock-up-and-go' home. 
Surrounded by an indigenous garden with north facing courtyard, it has 2 bedrooms, 2 
bathrooms, an open plan air-conditioned kitchen and split level dining room and lounge. 

PRICE: Rl 895 000 

This quaint home has been restored to its glorious past; all with covered stoep, sash 
windows and wooden floors. Spacious main bedroom leads to tiled bathroom with tub, 
shower, toilet and basin. Open plan dining area (facing an open fireplace) incorporates a 
dream kitchen. Perched on a double plot, the sizeable cottage adds to the allure. 

PRICE: Rl 900 000 

This prestine Victorian house (ca. 1858) with original fireplace, wooden floors, pressed 
celings and period bath tub even has gold plated taps to match. Four bedrooms, a large 
family room, formal lounge and kitchen with indoor braai boasts a pantry, cellar and 
separate laundry. The double garage/workshop leads to the a garden cottage and pool. 

PRICE: R3 950 000 

The 'National Centre', a central business hub, can accommodate ten commercial tennants - 
each with individual access. And 'Cactus Blue', the two luxury self contained cottages 
tucked behind the centre open onto shaded terraces and plunge pool. Both feature spacious 
open plan living/dining areas and en-suite bedrooms. A perfectly secluded Karoo getaway. 

Ria Steyn 

Call me on 072 842 3056 or 023 541 I 227; 

(or speak to Lindsay on 082 456 8848 and Heini on 083 440 4446) 


karoo /estates 



prince Albert iFrtenu 

July/August 2012 

(Lights... Camera... Action! Continued from p 1) 

while cameraman, Wim du Plessis, 
made the most of the good weather to 
get some aerial shots from the comfort 
of Dennis Venter's 4-seater Cessna air- 

Back at the pass, and right on schedule, 
our "action" extras started to arrive. 
First there were the adrenalin junkie 
cyclists, then the happy hikers and as if 
on cue, a beautiful rainbow closed the 
sequence. I couldn't help wondering if 
the pot of gold at the end of it might 
contain the R2 million worth of public- 
ity that the winning town would receive. 

After that we enjoyed a wonderful pic- 
nic lunch at the dansbaan courtesy of 
the Lazy Lizard. Then it was back into 
town to meet with Jafta Pietersen and 
discover the healing properties of our 
veld plants. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances the 
next appointment had to be swopped for 
a visit to Striking Metal, which was only 
scheduled for the next day. Because of 
the short notice, Booley didn't have time 
to clean up and was caught off-guard. 
But with soot on his forehead and look- 
ing absolutely authentic the services of 
the make-up artist were not required! 

For the first time ever, Avoova opened 
its workshop to give us an idea of what 
goes into producing their unique ostrich 
eggshell products. Then, with the sun 
starting to set, it was time to meet Ailsa 
in her black cape for an eerie walk 
through the streets of Prince Albert. We 
were chatting away in front of Angela's 
house when director, Hanne Koster, 
called, "Silence please," so that she 
could record the sound of the leiwater 
burbling down the water furrow! 

Thursday morning dawned beautifully 
clear and we got to Prince Albert Olives 
in time to catch the sun coming up over 
the groves. All progressed smoothly 
until Pieter decided to taste an olive di- 
rectly from the tree. The look on his face 
was priceless because although 'we' 
know that raw olives are extremely bit- 
ter, Pieter didn't! Unfortunately for him, 
Hanne found this very amusing, and he 

was made to do it over and over again 
until they were happy with the shot. 

Then it was the turn of Karoo Looms 
where Sophia Booley welcomed us say- 
ing, "...people in Prince Albert are living 
their dream!" And Christa Skaarnek ex- 
plained enthusiastically about the art of 
weaving. There was just enough time for a 
quick chat to kilted Peter McEwan walk- 
ing his Scottish terrier, before it was off to 
the Fransie Pienaar Museum and a donkey 
cart ride with Lydia as she explained the 
various architectural styles in Prince Al- 

Suddenly we were alerted to the fact that 
ex-Springbok Captain Francois Pienaar 
was enjoying a drink on the stoep at the 
Swartberg Hotel. The bright red Rapport 
bus immediately did a U-turn and we 
rushed back like true paparazzi. Hanne 
had a brief chat with Francois and the next 
minute the cameras were rolling. 

After a scrumptious lunch at Lah-di-dah, 
Pieter tried chatting up their mannequin 
on the way out. But, try as he might, she 
refused to accompany him to the moonlit 
market later. 

Next in line were Jeremy Freemantle and 
African Relish followed by a visit to 
Gay's Dairy. Whilst at the dairy, a cold 
wind started to blow off the mountain and 
my spirits dropped. I couldn't imagine a 

very successful moonlit market in freez- 
ing cold wind. But at that exact moment 
Ds. Johan Botes arrived to buy some 
milk. On seeing my downhearted ap- 
pearance he offered a prayer heaven- 
wards on my behalf. Later that evening 
when I bumped into him at the market, 
in almost perfect weather conditions, he 
told me that I had the faith of a mustard 

The moonlit market with its bustle, riel- 
dancing, fabulous food and loads of 
Prince Alberters was the perfect end to 
an amazing two days of filming. It was a 
privilege to share my love of this magi- 
cal place with the crew. And I'd like to 
think that some of them experienced 
that intangible "something" that will 
bring them back again and again! 

The final round of voting in the compe- 
tition begins on Sunday, 29 July and 
ends at 12 noon on Tuesday, 7 August. 
During this period Prince Albert will 
need to secure more votes than the other 
eight finalists in order to win. To vote 
simply sms Prince Albert to 33 157. 

-Zelia Mullins- 

The writer is Prince Albert 's Tourism 

Swartberg Satellite Services 

(Since 1988) 

We specialize in: 

Supply & installation of all DSTV & Top TV equipment. 

All maintenance, modifications, extensions, extra view PVR 

Repairs to TV, DVD, & Home Theatre. 

4f\ *!* 


Johan Mulder 

Tel: 023-5411 374 

Cell: 082 4497 692 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


Eric Ahrens 072 184 8518 
023 5411125 




R 3.95m 

Commercial and hospitality property in 
prime position in the town, opposite the 
hotel. Commercial section has ten shops 
with varying floor plan sizes, each with own 
electricity meter, and some with street 
frontage. At the rear of the building, two 
very stylish and secluded self catering cot- 
tages separated by courtyard and plunge 
pool. The smaller cottage sleeps two very 
comfortably, the larger cottage can accom- 
modate four. Both cottages very well 
equipped and furnished. 

R 3.95m 

Superb country home situated on prime 
7655m 2 of land with olive trees, orange or- 
chard and established mature gardens, dam 
and excellent leiwater allocation. The home 
offers expansive living and accommodation 
areas with open plan entertainment areas 
leading to vine covered verandah, pool and 
garden. Five bedrooms, three bathrooms, 
study, country style kitchen with pantry and 
laundry. PLUS very well appointed separate 
income generating cottage in the garden! 


Exceptional value for money in this much 
loved home tucked away at the foot of the 
koppie. Three bedrooms with family bath- 
room, living room, study or fourth bed, and 
eat in farm style kitchen with Dover stove 
and Oregon cupboards. East facing covered 
entrance veranda, and large 2000m 2 garden 
with established trees, orchards and vines 
with strong borehole and installed irriga- 
tion. Double garage, staff toilet and out 
door shower, corrugated iron and stone 
shed, sheltered north facing patio with 
braai facility. 


1906 Karoo cottage with two bedrooms 
and many original features, including 
wooden floors, sash windows and lovely 
shutters. In addition to the house, a 
separate garden flat nestles in a magical 
garden with masses of trees, Karoo style 
pool, "bakoond" and storage facility. On 
two stands measuring 800m 2 in total, this 
home is in an excellent position and has 
enormous appeal. 


Ideal bolt-hole in Prince Albert in elevated 
position with commanding views in all direc- 
tions. Compact two bedroom two bathroom 
home with central courtyard. Open plan liv- 
ing area with fireplace and well fitted open 
plan kitchen. Ceramic tile floors throughout, 
wooden windows and indigenous koppie 
surrounds. Loads of potential to extend if 


Large Victorian home in very central posi- 
tion with very versatile accommodation 
possibilities. Four to five bedrooms, two 
bathrooms and large well fitted kitchen 
with internal barbeque facility. Elegant 
living room with exceptional Victorian fire- 
place, and beautiful original ceilings and 
wooden floors! Separate cottage in the 
garden with large open plan living area, 
bedroom and bathroom. Very secluded 
garden with pool, double garage and large 
workshop area. 


prince Albert Jffrtenu 

July/August 2012 


I p 9 Augustus vanjaar sal dit presies 
vyftig jaar gelede wees dat die Otto 
du Plessis-pad na Gamkaskloof geopen is. 

Gamkaskloof, die pragtige, afgelee en 
vrugbare vallei, le weggesteek diep in die 
hart van die Swartberge. Die vallei is mil- 
joene jare gelede gevorm deur die verwe- 
ring van die sagter skalierotslaag wat tus- 
sen sandsteenlae gelee was en le parallel 
met die bergreeks van oos na wes. Dit is 
ongeveer twintig kilometer lank en 600 
meter wyd op sy breedste. Die Gamka- 
rivier, wat sy loop miljoene jare gelede 
deur die Swartberge see toe gebaan het, 
vloei van noord na suid deur die vallei en 
sny dit min of meer in twee dele. 

Die vallei was van die vroegste tye af 
bewoon deur die KhoiSan. Bewyse hier- 
van is die rotstekeninge en werktuie wat 
hulle hier nagelaat het. Dit is nie bekend 
presies wanneer die eerste witmense hulle 
hier gevestig het nie, maar reeds in 1830 
het die trekboer Petrus Swanepoel hom 
gevestig op die plaas wat vandag bekend 
staan as Boplaas. Die eerste plaas is in 

Die Otto du Plessis pad met die kronkelende Elandspadpas in die voorgrond 

1841 opgemeet en geregistreer. Mettertyd 
het meer boere hulle hier gevestig, totdat 
daar 'n gemeenskap van ongeveer 120 
mense gewoon het met familiename soos 
Marais, Nel, Cordier, Swanepoel en Sny- 

man. In 1904 is die eerste skool op Bo- 
plaas, gebou en in 1921 is 'n nuwe skool en 
onderwysershuis op Middelplaas gebou. 

Die Gamkasklowers was hardwerkend, en 



11 Church Street 
Tel: 023 5411 332 

Coffee Shop 

Breakfast, Lunch, Cakes 

Fresh Bread 

Various loaves - Weekends: Olive & Rye 

Victoria Room Restaurant 

Open daily for dinner - Karoo cuisine 

Sunday Lunch Special 

From R65 

Ladies Bar 

Happy Hour Friday; TV & Music 

© Discovery 


FSP No. 22515 


082 807 2193 

TEL: 023 541 1868 

FAX: 086 642 2008 


Business Consultants for: 





Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


het hul eie huise gebou met kleibakstene 
wat hulle self gemaak het. Dakkappe is 
gemaak van hout uit die omgewing en 
dekriet is in die berg gesny. So het hulle 
ook hul eie plaasimplemente van hout 
gemaak en donkies is ingespan om die 
lande te ploeg. Die heerlikste gedroogde 
adamsvye, hanepootrosyntjies en bone is 
geproduseer - ook naartjies, lemoene, 
koring, mielies, lusern , tabak en uiesaad. 
Met boerbokke is daar ook geboer. 

Produkte is met pakdonkies, wat elk tot 
100 pond in sakke kon dra, uit die kloof 
vervoer na Prince Albert, Calitzdorp en 
soms na Laingsburg. Die pakdonkies, tot 
veertig van hulle, is agter mekaar vasge- 
maak sodat hulle beter beheer kon word 
en nie afdwaal nie. Vandaar die naam 
donkietrein. Vir die Klowers was die 
enigste roetes uit die kloof die Gamkari- 
vierbedding en hulle het al langs die rivier 
gestap om die produkte na die buitewe- 
reld te neem. Die noordelike uitgang was 
bekend as die Bo-poort na Prince Albert 
(10 km), die suidelike uitgang was die 
Onder-poort na Calitzdorp (7 km) en dan 
was daar nog 'n derde uitgang in die wes- 
te - wat Die Leer genoem is - na Laings- 
burg en Ladismith. Dit was 'n baie steil 
voetpaadjie wat ongeveer 400 meter teen 
'n berghang uitgestap moes word. Langs 
hierdie roetes het die Klowers twee of 
drie keer per jaar uit die kloof gestap met 
hul produkte of om kinders te laat doop, 
nagmaal by te woon of vir troues. Op die 
terugtog het die mans Doverstowe, hang- 
kaste en ander huisraad gedra, en die 
vroue het die babas gedra. Die veeinspek- 
teur, die predikant op huisbesoek en die 
dokter wat vir siekes ontbied is, moes ook 
hierdie roetes gebruik. 

Die eerste voertuig in Gamkaskloof was 
'n Morris Eight 1938-model, maar het nie 
op 'n pad ingery nie, hy is ingedra, gestoot 
en gesleep deur vier mans van Buite en 
nog 'n paar Klowers en hul vier donkies. 
Dit was 11 Oktober 1958. Die volgende 
jaar het dr J H Otto du Plessis, Admini- 
strateur van die Kaapprovisie, die kloof 
besoek en die Klowers 'n pad beloof om 
hul lewens te vergemaklik. Met hierdie 
geleentheid is hy vergesel deur onder 
andere mnre J Grobbelaar (LPR vir Beau- 
fort-Wes), F van der Merwe (onder- 
voorsitter van die Afdelingsraad), S P S 
Luttig (burgemeester van Prince Albert) 
en nege joernaliste. Die geselskap het te 
perd by die Bo-poort ingery - die adminis- 

'n Pakdonkie vervoer produkte van Gamkaskloof 
deur die rivierkloof na Prince Albert 

trateur op 'n wit perd genaamd Venus ver- 
skaf deur Wilkie Rossouw (Alta Rossouw 
se man wat ook saamgery het). Naby Stef- 
aans Swanepoel se huis het die amptelike 
verwelkoming kompleet met 2 1 saluutsko- 
te plaasgevind. Veeinspekteur Piet Botha 
het aan die administrateur gese; "As ou 
gevestigde Sap is dit vir my vandag 'n 
groot voorreg om julle klomp Nattes die 
Hel binne te lei"! Die aand is daar groot 
makietie gehou. 

Nog 'n rede vir 'n pad die kloof in was die 
beplanning van die Gamkapoortdam by 
die samevloei van die Gamka- en Dwyka- 
rivier. Hierdie dam is gebou om vloedwa- 
ters te beheer en standhoudende leiwater 
te verskaf aan boere in die Calitzdorp- 
distrik. Dit is voltooi in 1970 en so is die 
voetpadroetes die kloof in finaal afgesluit. 

Die Otto du Plessispad is ontwerp deur 
ingenieur Louis Terblanche en afgesteek 
deur R V O'Reilly, die tegniese assistent- 
ingenieur van Oudtshoorn. Vroeg in 1 960 
is daar toe met die bou van die pad begin. 
Die roete wat gekies is, het van die Swart - 
bergpas afgedraai langs 'n bestaande Bos- 
boupad van ongeveer tien kilometer tot 
by Kliphuisvlei. Van daar het J H (Kosie) 
van Zyl met net 'n Allis Chalmers HD 1 1 
stootskraper, pikke, grawe en 'n werkspan 
van so tien van die Prince Albert Afde- 
lingsraad die pad in dertig maande voltooi 
in 1962. Die moeilikste gedeelte van die 
pad was ongetwyfeld die Elandspadpas 
wat 600 meter teen 'n styl berghang na 
die vloer van die kloof afsak. 

Op 9 Augusus 1962 is die pad geopen deur 
die administrateur, Nico Malan. Otto du 
Plessis is oorlede voordat hy op die pad wat 
sy naam dra, kon ry. Sy weduwee, Bernice 
du Plessis, het die lint geknip by die ope- 

Vandag, vyftig jaar later, is die pad na hier- 
die wonderskone kloof nog daar, maar die 
meeste van sy mense is weg. Hul rustige, 
afgesonderde lewenstyl het legendaries ge- 
word en mense dink vandag daaraan as 'n 
idilliese bestaan. Nou ry vakansiegangers 
met die Otto du Plessispad Gamkaskloof in, 
geen geswoeg en gesweet met voetpaaie 
meer nie, om die ongekende stilte te ervaar 
en kos vir die siel te kry. 

Gamkaskloof en al sy geboue is verklaar 
tot 'n Provinsiale Erfenisgebied (ou Nasio- 
nale Gedenkwaardigheid). Die kloof val 
ook in 'n Werelderfenisgebied (Kaapse 

- Lydia Barrella - 



the mohair shop 

glorious colours in 
blankets beanies socks 
scarves jerseys shrugs 

shawls poncho 

knitting yarn mittens 

and other stuff 

on the 
Swartberg Hotel verandah 

Tel: 023-5411016/454 

we send 
all over the world 


prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

Kerkbasaar nr 150 - kom vier saam! 

Nog voordat die huidige NG Kerk 
ingehuldig is, is die eerste kerkba- 
saar in 1862 gehou as deel van die nag- 
maalsnaweek om fondse te in vir veral 
die bou van die kerk en die bedryf van 
die sendingskool. Later is dankfeesba- 
saars in verskillende buitewyke gehou - 
en tot vandag toe nog is die kerkbasaar 
'n belangrike deel van die gemeentelewe. 
Dit het al die vorm aangeneem van 'n 
koffiehuis, gemeente-ete, boerebasaar of 

In 1945 kon daar nie basaar gehou word 
nie omdat daar 'n verbod was op die sif 
van meel tydens die oorlog en gemeente- 
lede is gevra om hul bydrae in kontant te 
maak. Twee wyke, Zeekoegat en Fraser- 
burgweg, het egter tog basaar gehou - en 
selfs meer ingesamel as ooit tevore. . . 

'n Basaarvendusies is 
eerste basaar gehou: 

al met die heel 
Ware soos vee, 

vleis, vrugte, groente (veral reuse pampoe- 
ne!) en gebak wat op die " kerkverkoping" 
op bod was, is geadverteer en die afslaer is 
deur die kerkraad aangewys. In 1899 is be- 
paal dat die "vendusie-meester" 5% kom- 
missie sal verdien. In 1911 het Klaas Haak 
aangebied om die afslaerswerk vir 2.5% 
kommissie te doen, maar sy aanbod is van 
die hand gewys. In 1917 het hy wel die 
werk gekry, maar daarna is die afslaers op 
'n rotasiebasis aangestel. Intussen het die 
vedusietradisie egter verval. . . 

Hierdie jaar se 150 ste basaar is 'n reuse 
geleentheid en daar is baie om na uit te sien. 
Op Vrydag, 10 Augustus, kan smulpape by 
die markie langs die museum om die kamp- 
vure heerlike potjiekos, potbrood en heel 
skaapkoppe eet. Daar sal ook potbrode te 
koop wees. 

Op Saterdag, 1 1 Augustus, is dit tyd vir die 
amptelike basaar voor en binne die kerk- 

gronde. Van vroeg af sal koffie en panne- 
koek beskikbaar wees, maar produkte 
soos vleis, koek, braaivleis en poeding sal 
eers te koop wees vanaf 08h30. Om 
09h00 is dit tyd vir koffiepitte brand en 
kussinggevegte! En van lOhOO gaan dit 
nog joliger met 'n "mooiste" baardkom- 
petisie, modeparade, hoehakresies en 
sweepklapkompetisie. Die inskrywings- 
fooie is R5 - en daar is lekker pryse te 

Nooi gerus al wat kind, familielid en 
vriend is na hierdie besonderse gemeente- 
/dorpsreunie van die NG Gemeente Prince 
Albert - 'n gemeente wat al reeds vir 
meer as 170 jaar lank die wonderlike 
seen, liefde en genade van die Here in 
oorvloed ontvang. 

*Historiese inligting met erkenning aan 
Gemeente onder die Swartberg 1842- 
1992 deur PJ en M Botes. 

- Denise Ohlson - 









Kennis geskied hiermee ingevolge Artikel 15(1)(a)(ii) van Ordonnan- 
sie 15 van 1985 dat die Raad 'n aansoek van ME. JEANETTE 
LOUW (t/a PRINS ALBERT MOTORS) ontvang het vir 'n Afwyking 
van die dorpsaanlegskema. 

Naam: Me Jeanette Louw (t/a Prins Albert Motors) 

Adres: Magrieta Prinsloostraat, Prince Albert 

Erf no: Erf 2337 

Doel van aansoek: Bedryf van 'n kantoor vir 'n handelaar in ge 
bruikte voertuie 

Nadere besonderhede le ter insae by die Munisipale Kantoor, Kerk- 
straat 33, Prins Albert, gedurende kantoor-ure. 

Skriftelike besware, indien enige teen die voorstel, tesame met redes, 
moet die ondergetekende voor of op VRYDAG, 24 AUGUSTUS 
2012 bereik. 

Munisipale Kantoor 
Privaatsak X53 

20 Julie 2012 
Tel. (023) 541-1320 









Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 15(1)(a)(ii) of Ordinance 
15 of 1985 that the Council has received an application from 

Departure from the Town Planning scheme. 

Name: Ms. Jeanette Louw (t/a Prince Albert Motors) 

Address: Magrieta Prinsloo Street, Prince Albert 

Erf no: Erf 2337 

Reason for application: To operate an office for a used car dealer 

Details of the proposals are available for inspection in the Municipal 
Offices, 33 Church Street, Prince Albert, during office hours. 

Written objections, if any, to the proposal together with reasons, 
must be lodged with the undersigned not later than FRIDAY, 24th 
AUGUST 2012. 

Municipal Offices 
Private Bag X53 

20 July 2012 
Tel. (023) 541-1320 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


Honour our Roots: Karoo Walk 

The series of articles to honour our 
roots during our 250 th year goes 
even deeper this month: we are honour- 
ing the Great Karoo within which our 
roots are secured and nurtured. . . 

Early in July Andrew and Ailsa Tudhope 
heard from old friends, Rosemary Kear- 
ney and Pat Oliver that they would be 
providing back up for a group who 
planned a walk from Graaff Reinet to 
Nieu-Bethesda to raise awareness and 
sponsorship for Treasure the Karoo Ac- 
tion Group. This meant they'd be able to 
pay a visit on their way back to Cape 
Town. When they arrived they were full 
of energy and bounce and insights dis- 
covered on this walk of love and hope 
conceived by Julia Casciola, through the 
Camdeboo National Park and over 
Ouberg Pass, where local people pro- 
vided accommodation along the way. 
The following are extracts from Rose- 
mary's posts to Facebook 

First Post: The Karoo - "Place of Thirst" 
- is a boundless and mysterious area cov- 
ered by vast sheep and game farms, 
where broad plains roll away toward 
distant koppies and multi-layered moun- 
tains touch the sky. One can stop almost 
anywhere in the Karoo and listen to the 
silence while breathing in the aged earth 
and Karoo bossies and gazing at the far 
horizon that stretches to eternity. The 
Karoo's clear night sky is densely stud- 
ded with countless stars and huge, bright 
planets; even other galaxies are visible 
with the naked eye, offering some of the 
best stargazing in the world. People are 
drawn here to escape modern life and the 
attendant technology that has alienated 
humans from nature. Stories and legends 

Within this apparently sparse ecosystem 
probably close on a thousand plant 
species abound and tortoise, locusts, 200 
bird species including the Verreaux 
eagle, Cape Mountain zebra, dassies, 
jackal, caracal, and black rhino are still 
to be found. At one time the Karoo was 
home to cheetah, African wild dog and 
leopard. These predators hunted herds 
of Springbok in their thousands and 
Hartebeest which migrated across South 

\ ' I'M 

ml ^IKSE "J 

■^. iB <i0§>* /M 

HRr^JKi §^^nji> ft 

ir^K: ^^fl 


B"(fcji x i 

1: ' 


Ailsa, Rosemary, Pat and Julia honouring the Karoo 

Africa following the rains and fresh grass. 
Fossils of some of the earliest forms of 
one-celled life have been discovered in the 
Karoo, indicating that life has existed in 
this region for more than three billion 
years. The richness of pre-dinosaur fossils 
in this region is world-renowned. We can't 
bear the thought of this wonder of life be- 
ing desecrated through fracking. 

Second Post: We start to see windmills 
and sheep which blend in with the flat buff 
grassland. As the long straight road 
stretches to a wide horizon from Beaufort 
West to Graaff Reinet I say to Pat: 'What 
would you say about today?' She said 'I 
would say something about the rain and the 
mist in the mountains as we left Cape 
Town (the further north we went the sun- 
nier it became) and the freedom I felt in 
leaving the city for the open spaces ... 
about stopping when I feel like it and going 
at our own pace ... and the music from 
'Long Before the Night.' 

I would say something about companion- 
ship and this recognition between us as the 
words Bless, Bless, Bless stream out of the 
open window.' And then she gasps, 'Oh 
look! Look!' and there at 3.00 in the after- 
noon, as the shadows lengthen and the sun 
fades and the mountains encircling the 
plain grow dark with sharpness, is an al- 
most full moon rising white in the pale sky. 
I am overwhelmed by This Ancient Love. 

Third Post: Before setting off on the first 
22K lap of the walk from Graaff Reinet to 
Dassiesfontein we expressed our gratitude 
for the land, this 'Ancient Love' and our 
intentions for the walk. We offered bless- 
ing with Julia's peace flags made espe- 
cially for the Karoo - earth, water, fire, 

wind, space and haunting words with 

We walked to the start of the Murrays- 
burg road where I waved the group good- 
bye as they set off through the Camdeboo 
National Park in warm sun with a blue 
sky overhead and the beautiful Nqweba 
Dam on the right. 

On the way back into the village I lost 
my way. I asked the waitress at a cafe for 
help and then told her a group were 
walking to Nieu Bethesda. 'Sjoe,' 
said the waitress, aghast. 'It's to let peo- 
ple know about fracking in the Karoo,' I 
said. She looked puzzled. When I ex- 
plained she said she thought she had seen 
something about that on the television. 
Then I asked a young boy who was col- 
lecting donations for his school if he 
knew about fracking here in the Karoo. 
Again he looked puzzled. I told him 
about our group walking to Nieu- 
Bethesda and why they were doing it. 
'Have you got any leaflets?,' he asked. 
'Oh yes,' I said and gave him some. 
'You too could start something to let 
people here in Graaff Reinet know that 
we don't want the place where we live 
spoiled.' His face shone as he caught on 
and told me all the places he could put up 
a leaflet and what he could do to let peo- 
ple know. An older man who has lived 
here for 47 years told me that although 
he wasn't happy about it, there was noth- 
ing we could do. I wished that more of 
the locals knew about the imminent 
changes on their doorstep. 

Fourth Post: Last night I tried to get 
Internet connection via laptop. It was 
impossible from inside the farmhouse 
and someone said there was a 'space' 
outside where receptivity was better. So 
we wandered the stony spaces permeated 
by the smell of the goats in the brilliant 
light of a full Karoo moon. At any mo- 
ment Ron could say 'here' because we 
had found a connection but no sooner did 
we have one than it might disappear. 
Taking the time to sit seemed to counter 
the urgency of capturing a 'spot' so I said 
I would hold the laptop, standing, while 
she typed standing! Fortunately it was 

(Continued on p 16) 


prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

(Honour our Roots ... Continued from p 15) 

not one of those below zero nights. But 
even when we had reception there was 
not enough light to see the keyboard so 
she tucked the torch under her chin, kept 
her head down and would attempt to send 
the post. The computer seemed to spend 
a long time thinking about whether it was 
going to do as requested. It took quite a 
few tries before we were successful. I 
said I could imagine a Martian watching 
us from space wondering what on earth 
we were up to with these antics. Those 
humans were at it again. 

Laptops and the Internet itself couldn't be 
more of a contrast from the time of dino- 
saurs. But it does raise questions about 
how we evolve and what do we say 'Yes' 
to and to what 'No'. We have reached a 
point in human evolution where it is up 
to us to choose our future. How do we 
choose wisely? And it is not just isolated 
choices but how choices are intercon- 
nected in their socio-eco-politico- 
spiritual source and impact. Ethical 
choices require the capacity to stand back 
from vested interests in genuine open- 
ness and also to consider the wider con- 
text in many dimensions - environmental, 
economic, social and spiritual. I don't 
feel I can trust Shell to make these kinds 
of choices for future generations. 

Fifth Post: Tonight is full moon over the 
Karoo. How better to celebrate this place 
than an extract from Ruben Mows- 
zowski's Poem Karoo Moon! See http:// 

Last Post: 

We reached Nieu Bethesda 

place of 'flowing water' 

Heart of our walk 

where we gave thanks 

blessed the land with our prayer flags 

this ancient land 

of vast open space 

primordial emptiness 

eternal silence . . . 

There's more to read and pictures at 
TKAGWalkJuly20 1 2/?notif_t=group_r2j 

- Rosemary Kearney - 

Die beste plek in die wereld 

Deur die draaie van Meiringspoort, 
verby Klaarstroom, slingerend teen 
Kredouwpas af... Verby 'n begraafplaas 
aan jou linkerkant, verby 'n reservoir aan 
jou regterkant. Jy hou regs, verby die 
melkery en die plaasstal en jy is skielik in 
die mooiste, rustigste hoofstraat in die 
hele land. Die hoofstraat van Prince Al- 

Prince Albert is 'n baie klein dorpie aan 
die soom van die Groot Karoo. Dit is hier 
waar my oupa en ouma sewentien jaar 
lank gewoon het. Nog voordat ek kon 
loop, het ek my hart op hierdie beeldsko- 
ne dorpie verloor. 

Die huise in Prince Albert is vir my so 
mooi: Baie het dik sementomboorsel om 
die deure en vensters, stoepe met reghoe- 
kige blombakke vol kleurryke blomme... 
Die rustige atmosfeer, die vriendelike 
mense, die reusagtige borne op die sy- 
paadjies wat die dorp se ouderdom ver- 
klap - dit skep 'n beeld uit 'n fantasiewe- 

Langs die strate in Prince Albert is daar 
waterkanale uitgele met rivierklippe en 
sement. Op sekere dae kan jy die water 
hoor nader kom en dan, meteens... loop 
'n riviertjie in die leivoor af! Die water 
is gewoonlik ysig koud. Ek kyk hoe wa- 
tereienaars sluise oopmaak en hoe elkeen 
sy deeltjie kry van hierdie kosbare bron 
van lewe in die droe Karoodorpie waar 
water so skaars is. 

Op Saterdae is dit markdag op die oop 

stuk grond langs die museum in die 
hoofstraat. Dit is waar ek vir die eerste 
keer 'n roosterkoek geeet het met boere- 
wors in. Baie inwoners kom verkoop 
goed hier wat hulle self gemaak of ge- 
plant het. Van gebreide kinderklere tot 
tuisgemaakte konfyt en "alternatiewe" 
groentes. Dit weerspieel die diversiteit 
van die mense in die dorp, wat tog een 
hegte gemeenskap vorm - amper soos 
f ami lie. 

Die eintlike wonder van Prince Albert is 
sy berge, die Swartberge. Dit lyk soos 'n 
brander wat gevorm het en op die punt is 
om te breek oor die dorp. Tog maak die 
berge jou rustig. Wanneer jy vroegog- 
gend op die koppie agter Klipstraat gaan 
sit en jy kyk uit oor die hele dorp, sien jy 
die huise, die plase, die vlakte daar ver 
en die reuse berg wat die dorp beskerm. 
Wanneer die son ondergaan gloei die 
berg in skakerings van rooi. Kalmte en 
'n gevoel van oorweldigende tevreden- 
heid spoel oor jou hart wanneer jy be- 
sef ... Prince Albert is die beste plek in 
die wereld om te wees. 

-DeLize Gouws- 

*DeLize Gouws is 'n derdejaar BEd- 
student aandie Universiteit van Pretoria. 
Sy het hierdie beskrywende opstel inge- 
handig vir die vak Afrikaans. Sy kon 
skryf oor 'n rolmodel,wat sy droom om 
eendag te wees, of oor die beste plek om 
te wees. Sy het gekies om oor ons dorp te 

* Versbaf van bousand, bonbreet en tuingrond 

* Vervoer van bou- en tuinrommel 

* Vervoer van meubels- bort- en langafstand 

Vir gratis kwotasies: 
2£ (023) 5411 610 / | 083 7528056 


Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


~ Inspireer Ons Jeug ~ 
Gert 'Gog' Richards: 'n volbloed Prince Alberter 

Kolonel Gert 'Gog' Richards 

ert 'Gog' Richards, 'n seun van 
Prince Albert, is vroeer vanjaar tot 
die rang van Kolonel in die Suid- 
Afrikaanse Nasionale Weermag 
(SANW) bevorder en aangestel as die 
bevelvoerende offisier van die Weermag 
Ondersteuningsbasis in Kimberley. Kol 
Richards se vrou, Liezl, drie-jarige dog- 
tertjie, Trisha, sowel as sy susters Eliza- 
beth Richards en Magdaleen van der 
Ross, beide van Prince Albert, het almal 
trots toegekyk toe hy, tydens 'n formele 
seremonie in Februarie, bevel en beheer 
van die Basis oorgeneem het. 

Gert Richards is op 9 August 1959 in 
Nuwerus gebore, die oudste van Roos en 
Gert Richards se sewe kinders. Die by- 
naam 'Gog' kom van sy ma wat altyd vir 
hom gese het dat hy haar stoute klein 
gogga is. Sy skoolloopbaan het hy begin 
in die Rooikamp skool, maar na die ge- 
dwonge verskuiwings in die 1960's, sit 
hy sy skoolloopbaan voort te Prince 
Albert Primer, aan die Bastiaanse Hoer- 
skool in Beaufort-Wes en matrikuleer 
uiteindelik in Oudtshoorn aan die Mores- 
ter Sekondere Skool. Ten spyte van Gert 
se drome om onderwyser te word, het 'n 
gebrek aan finansies dit nie toegelaat nie. 

Hy vertel dat sy oom Sakkie, 'n afgetrede 
soldaat, hom geinspireer het om by die 
Weermag aan te sluit waar hy 'n salaris 
sou verdien en kon help om sy broers en 
susters te ondersteun. 

Gert begin sy loopbaan as 'n onder- 
offisier by die Suid-Afrikaanse Kaapse 
Korps te Eersterivier in 1979. Om in 
1991 offisier te word was een van die 
hoogtepunte van sy 33-jarige weermag- 
loopbaan, iets wat in die apartheidsjare 
nie moontlik was nie. Soos wat hy deur 
die jare bevorder is, het hy verskeie poste 
in verskillende weermagbasisse in Suid- 
Afrika beklee. Gert beskryf sy deelname 
aan die integrasie van die vorige SAW, 
die guerrillamagte van die ANC en PAC 
na die huidige SANW tussen 1994 en 
1996 by Wallmanstal, buite Pretoria, as 
sy mees opwindende en ook uitdagende 
rol. "Dit was 'n geleentheid om 'n bydrae 
tot die toekoms te maak, om kennis te 
deel en om mense te bemagtig; dit is on- 
omkeerbaar. Ek glo dat wat ek gedoen 
het, waardeer word." 

Oor die jare verwerf hy verskeie Weer- 
mag medaljes en diplomas in militere- 
en besigheidsbestuur. Tans studeer hy vir 
'n Nasionale Diploma in Verkryging/ 
aankope, Logistiek en Aanvoerkettingbe- 

Gert beskryf homself as 'n "volbloed 
Prince Alberter." Hy lag as hy onthou dat 
huise in Prince Albert nog nie van elek- 
trisiteit voorsien was toe hy die huis ver- 
laat het om weermag toe te gaan nie. 
"Wanneer ek my ouers besoek het oor 
naweke, het ek oudergewoonte rondge- 
kyk vir 'n kers of lamp om op te steek, 
voor ek onthou dat ek net nodig het om 'n 
skakelaar aan te skakel." 

Gert besoek sy familie in die dorp 
minstens een keer per jaar of wanneer die 
geleentheid hom voordoen. Sy bevorde- 
ring het hy opgedra aan sy suster Doreen, 
wat in 2010 oorlede is. "Sy wou my altyd 
tot kolonel bevorder gesien het. Ek mis 
haar ongelooflik." Hy gaan voort: "Ek is 
waar ek is omdat my familie en vriende 
my ondersteun het. Dit is belangrik vir 

jongmense om hulle ouers te respekteer en 
in God te glo." Gert glo vas dat jongmen- 
se, ten spyte van moeilike omstandighede, 
elke dag die skool moet bywoon, betrokke 
moet raak by skoolaktiwiteite en hard moet 
leer. Hy waarsku teen die versoekings van 
alkohol en dwelms en glo dat dit uiters 
belangrik is dat jongmense doelwitte het en 
nastreef en gefokus moet bly op wat hulle 
wil bereik. 

Gert het steeds drome. Hy wil graag 'n Ge- 
neraal in die SANW word voor sy aftrede 
oor sewe jaar. Daarna wil hy 'n bydrae le- 
wer in sy tuisdorp en 'n verskil maak in die 
lewens van die mense wat daar woon. 
"Wie weet, miskien raak ek nog eendag in 
die plaaslike politiek betrokke en stel my 
verkiesbaar as burgemeester" se hy glim- 

- Linda Jaquet en Barbara Gorniak - 

NG Kerk Prins Albert 

Die NG Kerk Prins Albert nooi u 
vriendelik uit om deel te kom 

neem aan ons Kerssanglofaand, 
hetsy 'n koor of solo-sang of 

instrumente of net 'n voorlesing 

wat u wil lewer, kom wees deel 
van hierdie kerssangaand die 

25 ste November 2012, tot eer 
van Sy naam. 

Kontak enige van die 

volgende persone: 

Skriba 023 541 1510; Jeanette 

Louw 0718951 188/023541 1874; 

Miems Theron 



prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 



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16 Julie 2012 

Aan alle Werkgewers en Werknemers in die Boubedryf 

Die Boubedingingsraad Noord en Wes-Boland se Kollektiewe Ooreenkoms is sedert 8 Augustus 2011 
deur toepaslike Wetgewing in u area afgekondig in Staatskoerant no. 34494. 

Die Kollektiewe Ooreenkoms omskryf minimum lone en diensvoorwaarde. Sekere Voordele/Fondse 
word deur die Boubedingingsraad behartig, soos pensioen/voorsorgfonds, begrafnis, ongeskiktheid, 
sterfte, siekefonds en vakansiefonds voordele. Hierdie voordele moet deur Werkgewers aan hul ge- 
skikte werknemers uitgereik word. Werknemers kan ten enige tyd die kantore besoek om seker te 
maak of hul voordele op datum is. Instansies en individue word versoek en aangemoedig om Werkge- 
wers aan te stel (ten opsigte van enige bouwerk of opknappingswerk), wat heeltemal aan die bepalings 
van die Raad se Kollektiewe Ooreenkoms voldoen. 

U kan ons enige tyd kontak of besoek indien daar enige onduidelikheid bestaan. 

Byvoorbaat dank. 

Die uwe 


GEBIEDE VAN JURISDIKSIE/AREAS OF JURISDICTION : Gebied A - Langeberg plaaslike munisipaliteit - Robertson(Tel/Faks 0236264858); McGregor; 
Montagu; Ashton; Bonnievale; Breedevallei plaaslike munisipaliteit - Worcester; Rawsonville; De Dooms; Touwsrivier; Witzenberg plaaslike munisipaliteit - Tulbagh; Wolseley, Ceres 
(Tel/Faks 0233161119), Prince Alfred Hamlet; Swellendam plaaslike munisipaliteit - Swellendam(Tel/Faks 0285143499); Buffeljagsrivier; Suurbraak; Barrydale; Infanta; Malgas; Gebied 
B - Saldanhabaai plaaslike munisipaliteit - Port-Owen; St. Helenabaai; Stompneusbaai, Paternoster, Vredenburg(Tel 0227133135}(Faks 0227131504), Saldanhabaai; Langebaan; Hope- 
field; Landdrosdistrik Moorreesburg - Moorreesburg(Tel/Faks 0224331133) Bergrivier plaaslike munisipaliteit - Piketberg; Velddrif; Aurora; Porterville, Redelinghuys; Eendekuil, Dwar- 
kersbos; Gebied C - Laingsburg plaaslike munisipaliteit - Laingsburg, Matjiesfontein; Prins-Albert plaaslike munisipaliteit - Prins-Albert(Tel/Faks 0235411771); Leeu-Gamka; Klaar- 
stroom; Merweville; Matzikama plaaslike munisipaliteit - Doringbaai; Strandfontein; Ebenhaeser; Lutzville; Koekenaap; Vredendal(Tel/Faks 0272135037); Vanrhynsdorp; Klawer; Tra- 
wal; Papendorp; Cederberg plaaslike munisipaliteit - Clanwilliam(Tel/Faks 0274822299), Graafwater, Lambertsbaai, Elandsbaai, Citrusdal(Tel/Faks 0229212036), Wuppertal; Gebied D 
Cape Agulhas plaaslike munisipaliteit - Napier; Agulhas, Struisbaai, Protem; Klipdale; Arniston/Waenhuiskrans; Bredasdorp(Tel/Faks 0284241083); Elim Theewaterskloof plaaslike 
munisipaliteit - Genadendal; Greyton; Grabouw(Tel/Faks 0218591101); Villiersdorp; Botrivier; Riviersonderend; Caledon(Tel/Faks 028 2123114) 


Alle korrespondensie moet aan die Sekretaris gerig word. 
All correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary. 



Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert Urtenfc 




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31 Julie 2012 

Aan alle Werkgewers en Werknemers in die Boubedryf 

Die Raad se Kollektiewe Ooreenkoms is op 5 Augustus 2011 afgekondig in Staatskoerant no. 34494 vir 
verskillende areas, onder andere die Sentrale Karoo Distriksmunisipaliteit, uitsluitend Beaufort-Wes land- 
drosdistrik area. Die Kollektiewe Ooreenkoms omskryf minimum lone en diensvoorwaardes en andere. Van 
die diensvoorwaardes bepaal dat elke werkgewer aan elke geskikte werknemer in sy/haar diens 'n Pensioen/ 
Voorsorgfonds moet betaal. Die pensioen/voorsorgfonds sluit die volgende dekkings in: begrafnis, sterfte, 
ongeskiktheid en uittree voordele. 

Die Raad het onlangs 'n uitbetaling van R 5000.00 gemaak ten opsigte van 'n sterfgeval aan een van die werk- 
nemers wie se werkgewer sy bydraes (byvoordele) presies op datum gehou het. As gevolg van die volgehoue 
inbetaling van sy werknemers se voordele, het die lid gekwalifiseer vir die begrafnisvoordeel. 

Werknemers word weereens daaraan herinner om gereeld by die Bedingingsraad se kantore uit te vind en 
seker te maak of hul bydraes op datum is. 

Byvoorbaat dank. 

Die uwe 


GEBIEDE VAN JURISDIKSIE/AREAS OF JURISDICTION : Gebied A - Langeberg plaaslike munisipaliteit - Robertson(Tel/Faks 0236264858); McGregor; 
Montagu; Ashton; Bonnievale; Breedevaltei plaaslike munisipaliteit - Worcester; Rawsonville; De Dooms; Touwsrivier; Witzenberg plaaslike munisipaliteit - Tulbagh; Wolseley, Ceres 
(Tel/Faks 0233161119), Prince Alfred Hamlet; Swellendam plaaslike munisipaliteit - Swellendam(Tel/Faks 0285143499); Buffeljagsrivier; Suurbraak; Barrydale; Infanta; Malgas; Gebied 
B - Saldanhabaai plaaslike munisipaliteit - Port-Owen; St. Helenabaai; Stompneusbaai, Paternoster, Vredenburg(Tel 0227133135}(Faks 0227131504), Saldanhabaai; Langebaan; Hope- 
field; Landdrosdistrik Moorreesburg - Moorreesburg(Tel/Faks 0224331133) Bergrivier plaaslike munisipaliteit - Piketberg; Velddrif; Aurora; Porterville, Redelinghuys; Eendekuil, Dwar- 
kersbos; Gebied C - Laingsburg plaaslike munisipaliteit - Laingsburg, Matjiesfontein; Prins-Albert plaaslike munisipaliteit - Prins-Albert(Tel/Faks 0235411771); Leeu-Gamka; Klaar- 
stroom; Merweville; Matzikama plaaslike munisipaliteit - Doringbaai; Strandfontein; Ebenhaeser; Lutzville; Koekenaap; Vredendal(Tel/Faks 0272135037); Vanrhynsdorp; Klawer; Tra- 
wal; Papendorp; Cederberg plaaslike munisipaliteit - Clanwilliam(Tel/Faks 0274822299), Graafwater, Lambertsbaai, Elandsbaai, Citrusdal(Tel/Faks 0229212036), Wuppertal; Gebied D 
Cape Agulhas plaaslike munisipaliteit - Napier; Agulhas, Struisbaai, Protem; Klipdale; Arniston/Waenhuiskrans; Bredasdorp(Tel/Faks 0284241083); Elim Theewaterskloof plaaslike 
munisipaliteit - Genadendal; Greyton; Grabouw(Tel/Faks 0218591101); Villiersdorp; Botrivier; Riviersonderend; Caledon(Tel/Faks 028 2123114) 


Alle korrespondensie moet aan die Sekretaris gerig word. 
All correspondence should be addressed to the Secretary. 




prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

The Spekboom: an Anti-Climate Change Status Symbol 

Two species of Spekboom occur in 
South Africa: Portulacaria ar- 
miana, the Large-leaved Spekboom, and 
Portulacaria afra, the (normal or com- 
mon) Spekboom. This article deals with 
the latter since the Large-leaved Spek- 
boom only occurs in the north-eastern 
parts of the country. The Spekboom, on 
the other hand, occurs particularly in the 
succulent Karoo and thicket biomes. 
There is even a veld type named after it 
known as Spekboomveld. Spekboom can 
be seen growing on the northern slopes 
of the foothills of the Swartberg Moun- 
tains, just south of Prince Albert. 

Spekboom clumps serve an important 
role in the ecosystem: holding the soil 
particles together with their extensive 
root system, and so preventing soil ero- 
sion, as well as facilitating rainwater 
infiltration into the soil. They also serve 
as important fodder plants for livestock 
and game in times of drought as they 
have a high moisture content in their 
leaves and stems. In addition to all that, 
the Spekboom also plays a vital role as a 
carbon sequestrator in its natural habitat 
i.e. the plant removes carbon from the 
atmosphere and is able to store it. 

Spekboom are often grown in towns and 
gardens where they form an upright, but 
sprawling succulent shrub that grows up 
to three metres tall. However, if they are 
pruned properly, they can grow to form a 
five metre tall evergreen tree, with a suc- 
culent trunk and a dense crown of succu- 
lent stems and leaves. Owing to its suc- 
culent nature, the Spekboom can also be 
planted along a fence to form a dense, 
fire resistant hedge. Early in the summer, 
when Spekboom starts to flower, the 
hedge will be transformed from green to 
pink, as sprays of tiny, star-shaped flow- 
ers start to open all over the short side 
branches of these plants. The lightweight 
seeds that follow these flowers have 
three, small, winged, papery capsules, 
which allow these seeds to be wind dis- 

The Spekboom is also an ideal plant for 
beekeepers since its flowers produce a lot 

Spekboom (Photo: Sue Dean) 

of nectar. It also serves as the host plant for 
the larvae of the Diadem Butterfly. The 
Spekboom has great medicinal value since 
its leaves are used to treat diarrhoea. Its 
leaves can also be eaten fresh and in a 

Overgrazing caused by overstocking has 
led to the destruction of vast areas of Spek- 
boomveld. The key problem with overgraz- 
ing is that it prevents Spekboom from es- 
tablishing new plants on the ground as live- 
stock eat up all the lower branches of the 
adult Spekboom plants, forcing them to 
grow upright in the form of a tree. The 
Spekboom tree now has an unprotected 
trunk and is prone to having bark damaged 
by porcupines and goats, in which case the 
entire plant is likely to die. Given that the 
Spekboom' s feeding value is relatively 
high and taking into account its important 
role in the ecosystem, the rehabilitation of 
these plants in those areas where they have 
been removed by overgrazing has become 
one of the top priorities of many game and 
livestock farmers, as well as that of conser- 
vationists in the government and private 
sectors. The government's Working for 
Woodland project is currently employing 
people to replant large areas of Spekboom 
in the Baviaanskloof 

In fact, the Spekboom is the ideal plant to 
use for rehabilitation in the frost-free parts 

of South Africa. This remarkable plant is 
able to colonise new areas around it, not 
only by means of seed distribution, but 
also by means of the establishment of 
cuttings. These cuttings can be easily 
made from one year old shoots. When 
making cuttings be sure that they have 
cleanly cut edges and take off most of 
the leaves and branchlets. They should 
be left to dry for a couple of days before 
planting them. This prevents them from 
rotting. When they are planted, make 
sure that at least half to two thirds of the 
cutting is planted underground in the 
potting mixture. The best mixture to use 
when establishing new cuttings is pure 
river sand. This allows for good drainage 
and furthermore prevents rot. The Spek- 
boom's succulent stems allow it to take 
root without the need of extra care such 
as water provision or stimulants such as 
growth hormone powder. Naturally these 
cuttings will take root as soon as one of 
the adult plant's side branches touch the 
ground or should a branch break off and 
end up on the ground. These adaptations 
make the Spekboom a very effective and 
relatively affordable plant to use for veld 
rehabilitation and give it great economic 
value as a natural resource. 

Another reason for rehabilitating Spek- 
boom in their natural habitat is that they 
are important assets in terms of carbon 
sequestration. All plants reduce carbon 
levels in the air by the process of photo- 
synthesis, through which they convert 
carbon dioxide to starch and sugar that 
they store in their leaves, stems and 
roots. However, Spekboom has a large 
mass above and below ground and so can 
store much more biological carbon than 
other plants of similar proportions that 
occur in the same arid environments. 

The Spekboom is a great garden plant, 
and can even be grown as a ground 
cover. The Spekboom cultivar known as 
Portulacaria afra, "Green Carpet", does 
not grow higher than 150mm. It grows 
sideways, staying close to the ground 
and continually forming rootlets from 
stems touching the ground. This cultivar 

(Continued on p 21) 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


Kinderkant van Biblioteek Word Opgekikker 

Berlinda Nel versier die kinders se afdeling in die 

biblioteek (Foto: Ailsa Tudhope) 

ip 'n yskoue, reenerige Saterdag in 
Julie het een van ons dierbare Bi- 
blioteekvriende, Berlinda Nel, ingespring 
om die kinderkant van ons biblioteek 'n 
heel nuwe voorkoms te gee. Met haar 
ongelooflike entoesiasme en kreatiwiteit 
het sy dit omskep in 'n sprokiesparadys 
vir ons kinders. 

Die idee het ontstaan toe sy gedurende 
ons biblioteekmaand elke middag vir die 
kinders kom stories lees het. Sommer 
gou het sy self kom inspring, die mure 

waar dit nodig was afgekrap en "damp 
seal" opgesit. Na vele boeke se deurkyk 
en beplanning kan jy nie glo dis dieselfde 
plek nie. Van vaal na vrolik! 

Kom loer gerus in en kyk self. Ons kin- 
ders se opgewonde reaksie daarop is oor- 
genoeg beloning vir al haar harde werk. 

Berlinda Nel has given a colourful 150 th 
birthday gift to the Children's section of 
our Library: a jungle inspired montage 
above bright green walls. The effect is, 
quite simply, WOW! Berlinda, clad in 
warm clothing, including pink striped 
socks, spent a freezing Saturday perched 
on a ladder completing the montage she 
had pencilled onto the walls the previous 
day. Now our children will be watched 
by mischievous monkeys as they choose 
and read their books. Pop in to see the 
final product. 

Van ons almal hier by die biblioteek en 
al ons lesertjies: BAIE DANKIE Berlin- 
da, jy is vir ons baie kosbaar en ons waar- 
deer jou baie! Thank you Berlinda for 
your imaginative, cheerful addition to our 
happy Library. 

- Reinie Smit 

In die Karoo is reen, seen 

Die naweek aan die einde van die 
winterskoolvakansie was skielik 
chaoties. Dit sneeu in die Karoo, die Nl 
is gesluit, vakansiegangers kan nie terug- 
keer Gauteng toe nie, daar is verspoeling 
in die kusgebiede, mense is dakloos, dis 

By ons in die Karoo hang die wolke laag 
oor die Swartberg en ons weet, as 
daardie wolke lig, sien ons sommer baie 
sneeu, dit beteken natuurlik water vir die 
somer. Kaggels knetter in die koue, maar 
almal is tevrede want boonop reen dit 
ordentlik hier in die Prince Albert distrik. 

"By Kredouw Plaas aan die voet van die 
Kredouw Pas het ons 70 mm reen gemeet 
vanaf Vrydag, 13 Julie, tot Sondag, 15 
Julie. Ons waterval loop sterk, ons dam 
loop oor, en die rivierlope na Oukloof- 

dam loop baie sterk. Dit sal moontlik vir 
die volgende twee weke so voortduur, 
selfs al kry ons nie verdere reen nie. Wat 
water aanbetref lyk dit na 'n goeie somer, 
mits ons 'n gemiddelde somerreenval 
kry" se Hardus Mulder. 

Lienkie Schoeman vertel: "Ons het om- 
trent 70mm by Bergwater gehad en 
meeste van die damme is vol. Daar is nog 
een dam wat uit ons beurt moet vol kom, 
maar dit sal gou gaan. Die groot dam 
loop al uit en die uitloopwater (plus die 
van die rivier wat baie sterk loop - ons 
kan nie met die bakkies deurry nie) gaan 
alles Oukloof toe. Het bietjie sneeu op 
die berg agter die kelder gehad en ses 

In die Weltevredevallei het is nagenoeg 

(Vervolg op p 45) 

(Spekboom... Continued from p 20) 

is the ideal plant to grow on slopes or 
embankments to stabilise the soil. The 
Spekboom can also be grown indoors as 
a bonsai. In fact the Spekboom bonsai 
has become very popular in recent times, 
since a Spekboom planted as a bonsai 
will take on the shape of an adult plant in 
a matter of only two years! 

As the Spekboom is such an important 
indigenous plant, everyone should have a 
Spekboom growing somewhere in their 
garden; or even a Spekboom pot plant on 
their stoep - somewhere where everyone 
can see it. Because the Spekboom has 
become an anti-climate change status 

- Christiaan Viljoen - 

Christiaan is a Nature Conservation stu- 
dent at NMMU and an intern at Renu- 
Karoo Veld Restoration cc 

Cell : 082 44 79 140 
Fax: (023) 5411 471 




©InterTown Transport =^&M£^L= 






prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 


Some Background to the Competition 

During the planning stages of Prince 
Albert's 250-year celebrations, I 
realised that as the town's Tourism Of- 
fice Manager, I was probably going to be 
kept a bit busier than normal. Little did I 
know at the time just how much busier I 
was going to be! 

After De Rust was named the 201 1 Dorp 
van die Jaar I was asked why Prince 
Albert hadn't won. Well to put it simply, 
Prince Albert never entered the competi- 
tion. At that time many people felt that a 
competition that relied on SMS to garner 
votes wasn't a true reflection. 

Even if we did get a few votes from the 
public there was no one actually driving 
the effort and canvassing people to vote. 
So when Rapport announced the start of 
the new competition in March this year, I 
took it upon myself to ensure that Prince 
Albert at least got a mention. 

But you know what they say; if you're 
going to dream, DREAM BIG. So with 
2012 being our big year, a group of us 
began thinking that it would be awesome 
if Prince Albert could indeed be declared 
Dorp van die Jaar 20121 

Thanks to the enthusiasm of many Prince 
Alberters who sent in their SMSs we got 
through the nomination phase of the com- 
petition. Then more people entered into 
the spirit of things. Some of the guest- 
houses came on board with lots of good 
ideas and incentives to vote. And private 
individuals and businesses paid for the 
Tourism Office to send SMS on their 
behalves. And it all paid off... Prince Al- 
bert, along with Piketberg and Caledon, 
was a Western Cape semi-finalist! 

Before the next round of voting could 
take place a Kwela and Rapport film 
crew had to visit each town. Their brief 


Repairs to household appliances 

Home maintenance 

Plumbing & Geysers 

Installation of Solar Boxes 

Installation of Solid wood and laminated flooring 


Repairs to sash windows 

Small building jobs 


Any other handyman jobs 

Contact Renier 

was to capture on film the essence, or gees, 
of towns to determine the finalist in each 
region. The film crew came to Prince Al- 
bert on 11 th July for two full days of film- 
ing. Then the big wait began as finalists 
were announced. 

First up was Schweizer Reneke, the Gau- 
teng/North West winner, then St Lucia in 
Kwazulu-Natal, followed by Hoedspruit in 
Limpopo and Sabie in Mpumalanga. Kathu 
took the Northern Cape, Lady Grey the 
Eastern Cape, Clarens the Free State and 
Walvis Baai in Namibia. 

And I am overjoyed to report that Prince 
Albert was declared the finalist for the 
Western Cape. 

Thanks to everyone who supported and 
encouraged our efforts. Now for the big 
one... with R2 million in advertising to be 
won you can be sure competition will be 
fierce. So get ready to SMS yourself ver- 
skrik as soon as voting opens on 29 July! 

- Zelia Mullins - 


In die Boedel van Wyle 
Identiteitsnommer: 300910 5103 08 7 

Wie oorlede is op 17 NOVEMBER 2010 

'n pensionaris en in lewe woonagtig te 
GAMKA, 6950. 

Boedelnommer: 1 1 5/20 1 1 

Die Eerste en Finale Likwidasie- en Dis- 
tribusierekening in bogenoemde Boedel 
sal oor 'n tydperk van 21 dae vanaf 27 
Julie 2012 ter insae le in die kantoor van 
die Meester van die Hooggeregshof, 
Kaapstad, en 'n afskrif in die kantoor van 
die Landros te PRINS ALBERT. 



Kerkstraat 39 

Prins Albert 

023 5411 400 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 




Dorp van die Jaar kompetisie / Town of the Year Competition 

Om te Stem / To vote: 

Prince Albert 



Please spend R45 on Prince Albert <& vote 30 times! 
Spandeer asseblief R45 op Prince Albert en stem 30 keer! 

Stem vanaf / Vote from 

Son. 29 Julie - 12nm, Dins. 7 Augustus 
Sun. 29 July - 12pm, Tues.7 August 

SMS koste / Cost - Rl,50 per sms 
Beperk tot 30 sms per unieke selfoon nr. / Limited to 30 sms per cell phone no. 

Kom ons hou die Dorp van die Jaar in die Wes-Kaap! 


Let's Keep the Town of the Year in the Western Cape! 


prince Albert ifinznb 

July/August 2012 

Kwela en Rapport Besoek Prince Albert 

Die Kwela/Rapport span geniet hulle besoek aan Prince Albert. 

Kwela se Pieter Koen maak kennis met die spoke 
van Prince Albert 

Karin Burger van Rapport: 
"Raai wie's die wendorp van die jaar!" 

Oom Jafta Pietersen deel sy kennis van medisinale plante 

Onthou om te stem / Remember to vote for Prince Albert 
SMS Prince Albert Na / To 33157 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert Bricni 


Kwela en Rapport Visit Prince Albert 

Pieter Koen en Judy Maguire op die Swartberg Pas 

Plaaslike kunstenaar, Clive Heyne, 
net bekertjies vir elke lid van die filmspan versier. 

Pieter Koen praat met Prince Albert se smid, Kashief Booley 

Pieter Koen ontdek dat 'n vars olyf eintlik bitter is! 


prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

Matriekafskeid 2012 

Ruben Booysen en Anolisha Paulsen, David-lee Willemse en Roxanne Mooneys, 
Edwina Pietersen en Shirphill Koot 

Mignon Meiring, Dicky McKnight en Edwina Pietersen deel'n grappie 

Daneel Ahrendse en William Ransom 
in Spaanse drag 

Romano Byl en Clentine Solomons 

(Foto: Christelle Smit) 

Tafels in die skoolsaal is met koetse en pampoene versier 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


Matriekafskeid 2012 

Die matrieks van Hoerskool Zwartberg op pad na hulle afskeidsdinee. 

Agter I na r: Elrico Clarke, Micayla van Wyk, Shorida Windvogel, Shaldo Sass, 
Marilene Wanie, Linzay Titus en Dermott van der Merwe. Voor: Enrico Hinkman 

Neil van der Nest en Mary-Ann Voster 


prince Albert ifinznb 

July/August 2012 

Vanuit die Raadsaal 



I ie Raad is tans besig om tydelike 
werkers in diens te neem om te 
help om ons gebied skoon te hou. Daar is 
15 persone per wyk gei'dentifiseer wat 
hoofsaaklik volgens strate ingedeel is. 
Mense wat in spesifieke strate bly, moet 
verantwoordelikheid aanvaar vir die 
netheid van hul omgewing. Daar word 
hoofsaaklik vanaf die databasis gewerk 
en word persone as sodanig ingelig. Per- 
sone wie se name steeds nie op die data- 
basis is nie, word aangemoedig om hul 
name op te sit. 

Die persone wat gei'dentifiseer is om in 
hierdie projek te werk, val onder die EP- 
WP ("Extended Public Works Program- 
me") en is vir 8 maande aangestel. Ons 
vertrou dat ons met hierdie poging sal 
hande vat om ons areas skoon te hou. Die 
omgewing waarin ons bly, is die plek 
waar ons kinders speel en ons is as vol- 
wassenes verplig om die omgewing so 
skoon en netjies as moontlik te hou. 

As deel van die EPWP het die Munisipa- 
liteit ook tydelike werkers, vir 'n drie- 
maande periode, by die publieke werke 
span aangestel. Die bykomende werkers 
het ten doel om ons dienslewering te 
verbeter en ons vertrou dat die persone 
hul Munisipaliteit met trots sal dien. 


Die kriteria waarteen wykskomitee 
lede vergoed word is tydens wyks- 
komitee vergaderings bespreek en is ty- 
dens die Personeel en Administrasie Por- 
tefeulje Komitee vergadering deur die 
Raad aanvaar. Die Raad sal die kriteria 
finaal goedkeur en aanvaar by die Raads- 
vergadering op 25 Julie 2012. Die geld 
wat gebruik word vir die vergoeding van 
wykskomitee lede is direk vanaf die Na- 
sionale Regering ontvang en sal gei'mple- 
menteer word vanaf Julie 2012. 

Ons wil ons dank uitspreek teenoor 
wykskomitees wat hul wykvergaderings 
gehou het en veral die lede wat die ver- 
gaderings bygewoon het. Ons glo dat ons 
op hierdie wyse die probleme wat binne 
wyke ervaar word, meer doeltreffend kan 

aanspreek. Wykskomitee lede word ook 
weereens aangemoedig om toekomstige 
komitee vergaderings van die Raad by te 
woon. Probleme wat binne die wyk ervaar 
word, moet deur die wyksraadslid aan die 
Raad of administrasie gerapporteer word. 
Hierdie is oop vergaderings en kan in 'n 
waarnemingshoedanigheid deur enige lid 
van die gemeenskap, wat op hoogte van 
sake wil wees, bygewoon word. 


Die kantoor van die Burgemeester, in 
samewerking met die Speaker, gaan 
erns maak met die heraktiveer van die on- 
derskeie forums, om te verseker dat hulle, 
op 'n permanente, volgehoue basis, doel- 
treffend funksioneer en sodoende 'n werk- 
bare platform van kommunikasie tussen 
belanghebbende partye is. Die inskakeling 
met die wykskomitees is van kardinale 
belang en moet nie as plaasvervanger ge- 
sien word nie. 


Die volgende projekte is tans aan die 

Opgradering van paaie in Rondomskrik 
area : Die projek is reeds aan die gang en 
die pad sal toegerus word met 'n "5m wide 
ultra-thin concrete material. UTRC roads 
have become very popular in that they pro- 
vide a suitable road surface for residential 
areas, but can be constructed using labour 
intensive construction methods in a relati- 
vely short time period. " (Progress Report: 
Aurecon : 28 June 2012) 

In Leeu-Gamka word Granaatbosstraat en 
Bosduifstraat opgradeer met dieselfde tipe 
materiaal soos aangedui. 

Opgradering van sportvelde: Die Sport- 
velde in Prince Albert, Leeu-Gamka en 
Klaarstroom word tans opgradeer. Al die 
velde gaan toegerus word met "2.7m high 
vibracrete walls and flood lights to practi- 
ce standards. " 

Stormwater: Prince Albert en Leeu- 
Gamka - Die projek random stormwater in 
Prince Albert sal in Oktober 2012 afskop 
en sal hoofsaaklik van plaaslike arbeid 
gebruik maak. Ons hoop ook om van plaas- 
like sub-kontrakteurs gebruik te maak ty- 

dens die projek, indien hulle daarvoor 
sou kwalifiseer en geregistreer is op die 
databasis van die Munisipaliteit. 

Behuising: Die Administrasie is tans 
besig om alle aansoekers se besonderhe- 
de te hersien om korrektheid te verseker. 
Korrekte data sal die toekomstige proses 
aansienlik bespoedig. 

Tydens wykskomitee vergaderings sal 
aansoekers op hoogte van verwikkelinge 
in die verband gehou word. 

Werksessie met Sub-Kontrakteurs 

Die Departement Tegnies, onder 
leiding van Mnr Noel Klink, be- 
plan 'n werksessie met alle sub-kon- 
trakteurs, wat geregistreer is op die Mu- 
nisipaliteit se databasis, om alle tegniese 
probleme wat sub-kontrakteurs wel mag 
ondervind, aan te spreek. So 'n sessie is 
alreeds in die Leeu-Gamka area aange- 
bied met die doel om ons plaaslike sub- 
kontrakteurs die regte leiding te kan gee. 
Sub-kontrakteurs word dan weer aange- 
moedig om te verseker dat hul name op 
die databasis geregistreer word. 


I ns hoop om in die volgende uitga- 
we van die Prince Albert Vriend 
verslag te kan doen oor of die Munisipa- 
liteit met 'n tekort/surplus vir die 
2011/2012 finansiele jaar afgesluit het . 
Die Finansiele departement is tans hard 
besig om voor te berei vir die ouditering 
van ons finansies en ons sien uit na die 
resultaat van ons ouditverslag. As Raad 
en administrasie is ons opgewonde en 
vasbeslote om in die nuwe finansiele jaar 
doelgerig te werk aan 'n "Clean Audit." 


Ek wil dan van hierdie geleentheid 
gebruik maak om alle raadslede, 
asook die administrasie, te bedank vir hul 
harde werk die afgelope jaar. Ek glo dat 
ons saam kan uitsien na 'n baie positie- 
we 2012/2013 finansiele jaar. Ek is ver- 
heug dat ons oor die politieke grense 
heen saamgewerk het in die beste belang 
van die hele gemeenskap. 

Ek wil in die besonder vir raadslid Rabie 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert Urienfc 


bedank vir die energie wat sy ingesit het 
ten opsigte van ons LED Strategie 
(Plaaslike Ekonomiese Ontwikkeling- 
strategie) en haar bydrae tot die herle- 
wing van die bakkery op Leeu-Gamka. 
Wei gedaan en bou asseblief hierop 

Die administrasie en finansies, onder 
leiding van onderskeidelik Mnr Heinrich 
Mettler en Mnr Jannie Neethling, baie, 
baie dankie vir Jul lojaliteit teenoor die 
Munisipaliteit. Saam sal ons die Munisi- 
paliteit een van die beste klein munisipa- 
liteite in die land maak. 

Goliath Lottering, 
Uitvoerende Burgemeester 

Vroeer se Vendusies 


I ie vendusies in Prince Albert was 
vroeer belangrike gebeurtenisse 
wat aan die publiek gebied was, met die 
verskil dat jou kaartjie gratis was. 
Onderstaande vertelling is baie effen- 
tjies aangepas, net om die vurigheid 
daarvan die aandag te gee wat dit ver- 
dien het. 

Op 'n bloedige warm dag in Februarie 
maand, erens in die sestigerjare, het die 
groepie (amper se ek feesgangers) ven- 
dusiegangers staan en sweet in die ag- 
terplasie. Die vendusie het vinnig en 
vlot verloop, want die kopers het ge- 
weet wat hulle wou he, en wou so gou 
moonlik hul nuwe (tweedehandse) be- 
sittings oplaai en terugkeer na die 
koeligheid van hulle huise met die dik 
mure en rietplafonne. 

Maar toe kom Prokureur Tjaart van der 
Walt, afslaer, by die elektriese ver- 
warmers. Hy se: 'Aandag mense, hier- 
die verwarmers is feitlik splinternuut en 
in goeie werkende orde. Wie begin met 

R2?" Doodse stilte. Tjaart herhaal sy rym- 
pie nog 'n keer en weer 'n keer. Geen reak- 
sie. Dis toe dat Tjaart hom letterlik en 
figuurlik vuurwarm vererg, sy "pose" ver- 
loor en die ding by die naam noem. Hy 
stoot die verwarmers eenkant toe uit sy pad 
en se: "En mag julle almal komende winter 
vrek van die koue omdat julle my nie R2 
wil gee vir 'n blixxxx heater' nie!" 

Dis 'Moonlit Market' op die koudste aand 
van hierdie winter wat my laat dink het: 
"En mag julle almal komende somer nog 
genoeg (elektriese) krag he om die 'fans' 
sommer op straat te laat loop, want die 
skaduwee-bome is hier ook nie meer nie." 

- Adri Schoeman - 


The name says it all 

A true Karoo destination - 2 minutes walk into the village - Prince Albert. 

Fully equipped private cottages - attention to detail - home from home comforts - boma - splash pool. 

Affordable rates -couples -families - groups - special occasions . 

Relax and unwind after your travels with a sun downer on your private stoep. 

As the dawn awakens, draw back your curtains, behold the view that awaits you, like no other! 

Richard and Julie look forward to sharing their special haven on the Koppie with you. 

Magrieta Prinsloo Road, Prince Albert, Great Karoo, Western Cape. 
Tel: (023)5411929 Cell: 082 882 5342 

30 prince Albert Jffrtimc July/August 2012 

raH4rK aroo 


Mannetjies: 074 472 6977 

Dries; 073 033 10D1 / 07S 1 52 3539 

T023 531 1761 ■ F- C33 B41 1 035 

£: • BTW No. 4470167332 






DRIES MARAIS: 073 033 1001 / 078 152 3509 

MANNETJIES MARAIS: 074 472 6977 



Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert Urienfc 


Leeu-Gamka bak opnuut brood 

In laat Junie 2012 is die Rosemore 
Gemeenskapsbakkery in Bitterwater 
se dieselpomp afgestof, die broodpanne 
met pan-olie gesmeer waarin 660gm 
deegvorm netjies "in die middel" gepak 
is en siedaar, 40 minute later word 80 
perfek gerysde brode uitgekeer! 

Die geboutjie waarin die bakkery ge- 
huisves word is 'n paar jaar gelede deur 
die Raad aangeskaf en met 'n moderne 
industriele menger, deegroller, stoom 
ryskamer en snelbakoond toegerus. 
Twaalf vroue is opgelei in die kuns van 
broodbak. Die Outenikwa Bakkery in 
George het hiermee gehelp. Vanwee 
onnodige politiekery het die bakkery vir 
meer as 'n jaar in onbruik gestaan. 

Gedurende Mei hierdie jaar het die Ag- 
bare Burgemeester opdrag gegee dat die 
plaaslike ekonomiese ontwikkelingsbe- 
leid van die Raad in plek moet kom, 
sodat wanneer die nuwe finansiele jaar 
op 1 Julie aanbreek, die nodige prosesse 
reeds in plek is om praktiese, toegankli- 
ke en volhoubare projekte te implemen- 

Aangesien 'n versoek ontvang is vir die 
vestiging van granaat- en sonkragplase 
in die omgewing, het die Raad besluit 
om sy plaaslike ekonomiese ontwikke- 
lingsbenadering in Leeu-Gamka te toets. 

Op versoek van Raadslede Abrahams en 
Stols van Leeu-Gamka, het die Raad 
besluit om die bakkery as 'n eerste stap 
in 'n lang proses van mentorskap, die 
ontwikkeling van entrepreneurskaps- 
vaardighede en die vestiging van onaf- 
hanklike en volhoubare mikro en klein 
ondernemings, weer aan die gang te kry. 
Een van die doelwitte is om te bepaal of 
die verskaffing van vars gebakte brood 
teen R6 per brood vir die gemeenskap 
aanvaarbaar is en of hulle die bakkery 
sal ondersteun. 

Terselfdertyd het Chrissie du Plessis, 
oftewel Loetoe, die Raad genader met 'n 
pleidooi om haar die kans te gun om die 
bakkery weer te begin. Sy is gevra om 'n 
verdere vier vroue te vra of hulle sou 
belangstel om die spreekwoordelike 
broodwa deur die drif te help trek. Katri- 

na, Arastacia, Jurika en Jolandi sluit by 
voorslag by Loetoe aan! So het dit dan 
gebeur dat die wenspan van vyf baie 
besondere vroue aan die werk gespring 
het om die gebou en toerusting wat vir 
meer as 'n jaar toegestaan het spieelblink 
te "spit and polish." En dit sonder om 
een keer te vra "what's in it for me?" 

Raadslid Stols, Loetoe en die munisipale 
bestuurder het intussen ook 'n besoek 
aan Francois Ferreira, glanskok en hoof 
van die "Eden School of Culinary Art" in 
George gebring. Hy gaan help met die 
ontwikkeling van resepte en verdere op- 
leiding sodat die bakkery 'n regte kontrei- 
bakkery kan word. 

Intussen bak hulle elke dag 80 brode wat 
flink verkoop! Oor die afgelope paar 
koue naweke het hulle begin om heerlike 
kerrievetkoeke te maak en dit stap by die 
deur uit teen die bekostigbare prys van 

Die passie van die vyf vroue onder die 
waaksame en uiters bekwame oe van 
Loetoe, is werklik aansteeklik! Die mu- 
nisipaliteit het besluit om vir 'n periode 
van tyd te help met die logistieke ree- 
lings, om die bestanddele vanaf Prince 
Albert na Leeu-Gamka te vervoer, en om 
met ingang 1 Augustus tweeweeklikse 
klasse in ondernemingsbestuur vir die 
span aan te bied. Hulle sal geskool word 
in onder meer finansiele bestuur, die 
opstel van 'n begroting, geldbestuur, 
klientediens en 'n reeks ander relevante 

Die daaglikse bak kapasiteit van die Ro- 
semore bakkery is 240 brode en dan is 
die oonde nie na-ure aan nie! 

Wys net wat met passie en aanmoediging 
gedoen kan word! 

Volgende keer meer oor Tannie Lydia en 
die Vyebossie groep se naaldwerk pro- 

- Annelie Rabie - 

Die skrywer is 'n raadslid in die Prince 
Albert Munisipale Raad. 

Small Ads 


2nd hand doors, windows, frames, 

basins, sink, hobs. Mouldings, shower 

doors, scaffolding, waterproofing, gates, 

gate motors, burglar bars etc. 

All at favourable prices 

and in Prince Albert! 

Phone 073 8773954 


We, the ladies of the Thursday Group, 

run a white elephant stall every Saturday 

at the market to raise funds for needy 

causes in Prince Albert. 

We will take anything (except clothing) 

that you wish to throw out or discard, 

irrespective of its condition. 

Please remember that 'one man's junk is 

another man's treasure'. 

Phone 023 541-1384 


Orchids & hanging baskets of 

"Christmas Cactus" in bloom. 

Contact Liz Erasmus 

on 023 541-1879. 

When last did you check... 

C\aws on your diamond ring 

Clasp on your chain and pearls 

Threading of your pearls 

Ring too big or too small 

Di van der Riet Steyn 

jewellery designer, 

gold + silversmith 



Tel 023 - 5411454 

for an appointment 


prince Albert Jffrtenu 

July/August 2012 

Di Johnson- Acker man: 
"Mood is an integral part of my message" 


Johnson-Ackerman lives in 
Somerset West, but her heart is in 
the Karoo. She and her husband come to 
their house in Prince Albert once a 
month where she finds much of her in- 
spiration for the delicate etchings and 
evocative acrylic paintings she exhibits 
in the gallery. 

Her father, a builder, yearned to have 
been an architect. Through his eyes, she 
learned to understand and see perspec- 
tive, structure, shadow and light. It is 
evident in the precision with which she 
executes a painting or gradually builds 
the tones and values of her delicately 
crosshatched etchings. 

"She's a superior draftsman" is how 
both Mary Anne Botha and Brent Phil- 
lips-White describe her work. Di says 
she drew as a child, again at the urging 
of her father, but it was at Rhodes 

Di Johnson-Ackerman in front of one of her paintings 

University, where she studied art that she 
mastered drawing: "There was a strong 
focus on drawing and painting from still 
life and life. The whole of our first year 
was spent drawing only in pencil!" 

"I believe artists should be able to draw; 
it's vital to have the training to see 
things as they are and interpret them on 
paper. Even if you eventually become 
an abstract artist you must understand 
the basics before you can simplify and 
the abstraction becomes more meaning- 

"Call me a traditionalist, but I find it so 
much more satisfying to describe what I 
see. Etchings fulfill my love of line 
drawings and the paintings another 

She says she enjoys being able to 
bounce back and forth between the two 
mediums, looking forward to each when 
working in the other. She's also plan- 
ning to apply what she learned from 
Joshua Miles' recent workshop on re- 
ductive woodblock printing where she 

(Continued on p 34) 






Church Street 80 
Prince Albert 

Private Bag, X66 
Prince Albert, 6930 

Tel: 023-5411440/331 
Fax: 023-5411975 


With effect from the 7th of December 201 1 Preferential Procurement 
Regulations was amended. 

All business are invited to register on the Suppliers Data Basis as possible 
suppliers of goods and service with the original documents as followed: 

S Valid Tax Clearance Certificate 

S Certified Copy of Registration Documents (Cipro) 

S Certified Copies of ID's 

•S Declaration of Interest (SBD4) 

S Preference Points Claim Form (SBD6.1) 

S Original or original certified copy of a valid B-BBEE Status Level 


S Supplier Maintenance Banking details( PW1423 ) 

A Data Base (Application) Form can be obtained from the Supply Chain 
Section during office hours. (Mr. Minnaar L.G.) (Me. Van Heerden M.E.) 

Business Hours 

Mon - Fri 

07h00 am - 16h00 pm 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


Gallery's Art Festival Attracts Big Names 

An urban landscape by Hermann Niebuhr, one of the artists 
participating in the Prince Albert Art Festival in September 

As part of Prince Albert's 250th birth- 
day celebration, the Prince Albert 
Gallery (which also happens to be mark- 
ing its 10th anniversary) will be hosting 
an art festival. 

The festival is scheduled for the weekend 
of the 28 September and explores the 
theme of The Vulnerable Landscape: 

"The Karoo is dry landscape, vulnerable 
to climate change and human intrusion. 
Water for food and settlement is scarce. 
Fossil water held in deep aquifers is irre- 
placeable. Exploiting this water and re- 
sources such as natural gas requires pre- 

Somehow we are visitors in this aged 
landscape. Here our sense of well-being 
is enhanced. 

We walk with care, respecting the diver- 
sity of plants and animals underfoot, we 
experience the silence, we wonder at the 
open night skies. In this vast space the 
human imprint is lost, or scaled-down, so 
that we live alongside, we live with a 
light footprint. 

• What development can be sustained 
in this dry land? 

• How will we contribute to shaping 
our climate and the web of life here? 

• While our small town is poor and 
underdeveloped, can we afford to 
grow at any cost to the landscape and 

Right here and now in the Karoo, let's not 
leave the planning to scientists and 
economists alone. We need a vision for 
the long term, and we invite artists to 
participate, to develop our confidence 
and challenge our resourcefulness as hu- 
man beings. Give form to our interde- 
pendent relationship with the landscape. 
Look beyond profit on the one hand and 
our dependence on hydrocarbons on the 
other. " 

"We want art to play a role, to protect, 
perpetuate and supplement this dry land- 
scape," says Gallery owner, Brent Phil- 
lips-White. " We are delighted that so 
many outstanding artists have agreed to 

They include: 
Sally Arnold 
Philip W Badenhorst 
Louis Botha 
David Chancellor 

Local photographer Gareth Williams' "Scholzbos' 

Peter Clarke 
Neels Coetzee 
George Coutouvidis 
Sheila Coutouvidis 
Richard John Forbes 
David Goldblatt 
Charmaine Haines 
Clive Heyne 
Neil Jonker 
William Kentridge 
Judy Maguire 
Estelle Marais 
Nico Masemola 
Gill Maylam 
Di McLean 
Joshua Miles 
Hekkie Moos 
JP Meyer 
Hylton Nel 
Hermann Niebuhr 
Samantha Reinders 
Mikhael Subotsky 
Jill Trappier 
Christine Thomas 
Strijdom van der Merwe 
Gareth Williams 

Further queries ■ 
or karoogallery(( 

to Brent on 082 749 2128 


prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

(Di Johnson- Ackerman... Continued from p 32) 

says she'll be able to work with a loose- 
ness absent from her current work. 

Di works mainly from photographs - 
which she takes - imagining the paint- 
ing or print as she sets up the composi- 
tion, watching for the play and con- 
trasts in light and shade such as the 
shadow of a tree on a wall. 

"Mood is an integral part of my mes- 
sage and this is achieved through strong 
tonal contrasts. My strong interest in 
both architecture and landscape is re- 
vealed by depicting the landscape 
through an old doorway or window of 
the building that interests me, or by 
ensuring that the old farm buildings are 
contextualized in the landscape, which 
is increasingly the Karoo," she ex- 

Her studio is an extension of her home. 
She can put up a painting that she's 
busy with and see it from the kitchen 
while cooking - and note what's wrong 

with it or what to do next. 

"I enjoy acrylics for their fast drying 
properties (she will build as many as 
three layers onto each canvass) and 
printmaking has to be one of the most 
exciting mediums - you never quite 
know what you're going to get and each 
proof is a surprise." 

She explains that she will submerge her 
etching plates in acid again and again 
until there is sufficient tonal contrasts 
and texture, or will add more lines or 
aquatinting for shading and, she says 
with an unsuppressed glee, "Sometimes 
you have to change your mind all to- 
gether when you don't get what you are 

Di says she is intent on recording a his- 
tory - not just of the old buildings 
themselves, but perhaps a personal one 
for the viewer as well - a memory, a 
time past, a sense of childhood, her own 

She enjoys it so much she says her dream 
is to be able to paint and draw for the rest 
of her days, quoting from a favourite 

There are moments in our lives, 

there are moments in a day, when 

we seem to see beyond the usual. 

Such are the moments of our greatest 

happiness. Such are the moments 

of our greatest wisdom. If one could 

but recall his vision by some sort of 

sign. It was in this hope that the 

arts were invented. Sign-posts on 

the way to what may be. Sign-posts 

toward greater knowledge. 

Robert Henri (The Art Spirit) 

- Jennifer Cohen - 

& Services 

Prince Albert's own security service 

Intruder Alarm system installation 


24 hour Monitoring services 

Tobie 083 2844256 




10/11 "AUG 



' M^-M i 

mmv "^*r 






Mustang Sallys 


PRINCE ALBERT - @ R80 PP - 8.00PM 




Julie/Augustus 2012 prince Albert Urtenft 35 



Marie's Boutique will be visiting Prince Albert 
from the 9th until the 13th of August 2012 

Visit her at: 

Aandrust, (Tannie Alta se Gastehuis) 

Cnr. Deurdrift & Klip Street Prince Albert 

She will bring a large selection of her clothes as well as jewellery and other 

Her clothes, jewellery as well as accessories are all personally selected by her 
from different countries. 

Beautiful evening gowns for the young Ladies, for their Matric Farewell. 

You are welcome to visit her on Facebook to see some of the fashion at 
Marie Paul. 

Should you have any questions please, feel free to e-mail her at: 

She is originally from Prince Albert and her maiden surname was 
Cell Nr: 0833101733 


prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

Daar is 'n nuwe uithangbord in die hoofstraat: 
Aurecon, 'n maatskappy wat betrokke is by 

projekte in meer as tagtig lande en sowat 7,500 

werkers net, gaan drie jaar lank 'n kantoor in 

Prince Albert bedryf (Foto: Denise ohison) 

Plaaslike Aurecon kantoor 

Die Prince Albert Munisipaliteit het 
Aurecon, 'n maatskapy wat spe- 
sialiseer in ingenieurswerk, beplanning 
en tegniese dienste, se tender aanvaar 
om vir drie jaar as raadgewende in- 
genieurs op te tree vir beoogde infra- 

Volgens Heinrich Mettler, munisipale 
bestuurder, het die munisipaliteit aan- 
soek gedoen vir R30 miljoen - waarvan 
nasionale regering R8,l miljoen 
goedgekeur het vir die 2012/13 boekjaar. 
Die geld moet spandeeer word aan "pro 
poor"-projekte, en daar is begroot om 
in Klaarstroom 'n nuwe boorgat te sink 
en die rioolwerke op te gradeer; in 
Prince Albert die vaste-afvalpersele 
volgens standaard in te rig en stormwa- 
terdreinering te implementer, asook die 
rioolwerke in Leeu-Gamka in plek te 

Aurecon sal as ingenieurs betrokke wees 

by hierdie projekte, maar het ook onder- 
neem om korporatiewe sosiale investering 
in die dorp te doen. 

Albert Geldenhuys, bestuurder van Aure- 
con Suid-Afrika, het al sedert 1994 'n 
voetspoor hier in Prince Albert: Hy het 'n 
perse el in sy huis in die hoofstraat af- 
gestaan as maatskappykantoor. In die drie 
jaar wat hulle in die dorp betrokke sal 
wees, beoog die maatskappy, afgesien van 
praktiese ingenieursinsette, om ook kun- 
digheid en kennis aan kontrakteurs op die 
munisipaliteit se databasis oor te dra. 

Deur opleiding sal kontrakteurs wat 
kwalifiseer deur die vereiste gradering te 
kry, kan tender vir werk. Albert ver- 
duidelik: "Dit is Aurecon se leuse om 
menslike prestasie in elke aspek van ons 
werk te bevorder." 

- Denise Ohison - 

Creative Paving and Stone Walls 

All types of paving and stone 

Garden walls, retainer walls, 
stonecladding, pillars, lapas, 
braais, water features and 

We also do thatching, 

reed work, carports, 

landscaping, gates, 

ramps etc. 


Contact Johan 
083 4585 467 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


The Fransie Pienaar Museum's li- 
brary was the venue for the Garden 
Club's meeting on a chilly afternoon in 
July. Christiaan Viljoen, a nature con- 
servation student at the Nelson Mandela 
Metropolitan University's campus in 
George gave an audiovisual presentation 
on Stapeliads to an audience keen to 
learn more about this large group of 
succulent plants. This was followed by a 
discussion on the history of the Mu- 
seum's garden, which Garden Club vol- 
unteers are currently sprucing up. 

Stapeliads - orchids of the desert 

There are over 300 species of Stape- 
liads worldwide; a large number 
are in South Africa where they are abun- 
dant throughout the Karoo. The plants 
have unique characteristics such as suc- 
culent stems without leaves, their flow- 
ers have five petals and various colour- 
ful shapes and sizes and their odours 
range from the sweetest scent to the 
most dreadful carrion smell. In size the 
plants vary from less than 2.5cm to over 
2m tall. 

The plant's complex flower has inner 
and outer coronas, which protect its pol- 
len. Most Stapeliads use flies as pollina- 
tors which are attracted by the odours of 
dung or rotting meat emanating from the 
flowers. Hence, the myth that Stapeli- 
ads are carnivores! However, Christiaan 
explained, not all species smell bad or 
attract flies. Instead they lure beetles, 
butterflies and moths as pollinators. 
Most flower in May and April and again 
in September and October. 

Gardeners wanting to grow Stapeliads 
should plant cuttings in sterile soil with 
no organic matter. They do well in rock 
or succulent gardens with some shade 
and should not be overwatered - under 
wet conditions they tend to rot. 

Christiaan, who spoke with great enthu- 
siasm and knowledge on Stapeliads, has 
his own collection of about 300 plants 
and spends a great deal of his spare time 
studying them in the veld. He is spend- 
ing this year in Prince Albert at Renu- 

Garden Club News 

Karoo Veld Restoration. Christiaan can 
be contacted via email at: 

lone Auerswald won the lucky draw - a 
Stapeliad donated by Renu-Karoo. She 
generously gave it to Vic Tickner who is 
creating a rock garden with these succu- 

Museum's Garden 

Curator, Lydia Barrella, briefly out- 
lined the history of the Fransie Pi- 
enaar Museum and its garden. Photo- 
graphs from the archives revealed the 
building as the private residence of the 
Haak family with its elegant Victorian 
garden and later as the town's hospital 
before it was acquired by the Municipal- 
ity to house Fransie Pienaar' s collection. 

Various gardens were planted over time 
and unfortunately, neglected. In the 
1990's Frieda Haak, Jan Haak's grand- 
daughter, worked hard to restore the 
garden to how she remembered it as a 
child, planting the pink roses that still 
grow along the leivoor. In 2000, lone 
Auerswald and Margie Arnold revived 
the garden's Victorian design, planting 
hardy iceberg roses along the Museum 
path. In recent years, Reinwald Dede- 
kind and lone have cared for the 
grounds, including the succulent garden 
on the pavement and the indigenous gar- 
den next to the Tourism Office. Lydia 
noted that the garden has always been a 
special place enjoyed by both visitors 
and locals. 

In recent weeks, the Garden Club has 
volunteered to restock the garden. The 
Club and the Thursday Group have do- 
nated compost and mulch to improve the 
soil. Rosemary McEwan is managing the 
project and has already spent hours 
weeding and planting donations of slips, 
plants, seedlings and groundcovers. The 
emphasis is on a waterwise garden while 
not changing its original character. 
Sadly, part of the newly stocked garden 
was vandalised on the night of the 
Moonlit Market, 12 July. In spite of this, 
in Spring the garden is bound to be filled 

with colour! Should anyone wish to do- 
nate plants, compost, etc to the garden, 
please contact Rosemary on 023 541 076. 

August Meeting 

At our meeting on 1 August we shall 
continue to focus on the Museum 
with a planting, pruning and weeding 
work party. Meet there at 3pm - wear gar- 
dening clothes and old shoes, and bring 
secateurs, spades, forks and gardening 
gloves. You will be rewarded with a cup 
of tea and a slice a cake, so bring your 
mug too! Please note that this is a change 
from the previously announced venue. 

Dates for your diary 

I n 5 September, Julie Waterston has 
invited all members and friends to 
visit the gardens of Karoo View Cottages. 
Sue Dean will take us on a guided tour of 
the indigenous plants. 

The annual Plant Sale will be held in Oc- 
tober, so please keep this in mind when 
you are busy in your own garden and start 
taking slips and pot up seedlings now so 
that we have a good show of rooted plants 
for the sale. 

We welcome new members and you need 
not be a knowledgeable or experienced 
gardener to join. We are delighted to an- 
nounce that Renu-Karoo has become our 
first corporate member and would love 
other businesses to join. The annual single 
membership is R30 while corporate mem- 
bers pay R50. Our programme covers a 
wide range of events and topics through- 
out the year. An added benefit is receiving 
a generous 10% discount on all purchases 
at Renu-Karoo nursery. 

Contact Sue Goosen on 023 541 1588 or 
Dawn Viljoen on 023 541 1823 to learn 

- Dawn Viljoen - 


prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

Ooievaar vlieg oor Prince Albert 
Jane Marais 

De Winter van Zyl 

Jan-Chris en Anchen Marais se baba dogtertjie Jane is gebore 
op 22 Februarie met 'n lengte van 52cm en 'n gewig van 3.65kg. 

Sy is oupa Andre, ouma Louise, oupa Dolf en ouma Jeanette se oogappel. Sy is 
baie gelukkig om nog drie oumagrootjies en een oupagrootjie ook te he. Oupa 
Chris, ouma Elise Janse van Rensburg asook ouma Susan Gouws en ouma Hettie 

Dayaan Mercha Moos 

Dayaan Mercha Moos is op 7 Julie 2012 gebore, 
om 17:45 en het die skaal op 2.8kg getrek. 

Dayaan Mercha Moos is op 7 Julie 
2012 gebore, om 18:45 en het die 
skaal op 2.8kg getrek. 

Dayaan se verwagte datum was eers 
op die 26 Julie; maar sy besluit toe om 
met die intrapslag te wys wie nou eintlik 
baas is, en het haar koms met 19 dae 
vervroeg sonder om dit met mammie 
Melony Moos en daddy Donovan 
Ontong te bespreek. Die gemoedere het 
hoog geloop toe sy haar "entrance" 
maak; maar sy is met trots deur haar 
ouers ontvang. 

Tydens Melony se swangerskap was 
daar 'n paar lagwekkende oomblikke om 
te onthou. Sy kon Donovan nie naby 
haar verdra nie en die oumense het altyd 
gese die baba is 'n meisiekind as die 
optrede so is. Dan praat ons nie eers van 
die peusel nie; haar woorde was: "Ek 
gaan gou kombuis toe as jy my soek, 
ek's da!" 

Dankie aan die personeel van die Prince 
Albert Hospitaal wat Melony en Dono- 
van tydens die bevalling bygestaan het. 

Op 1 April 2012 maak De Winter van Zyl om 
21h20, 'n dag vroeg, sy opwagting. 

Die bulletjie trek die skaal op 3.21kg. 
Hy word op 29 Julie in die NG 
Kerk Prince gedoop in die teenwoordig- 
heid van sy trotse ouers, Ewert van Zyl en 
Talita Badenhorst, oupa Piet Badenhorst, 
wie se enigste kleinseun hy is en ouma 
Babs van Zyl, wie se sewende kleinkind 
hy is. 

Chrystal Charmaine 

Op 21 Junie, 10 dae na haar boetie se derde 
verjaarsdag, is Chantelle en Stefan Freysen se 
pragtige dogtertjie, Chrystal Charmaine, gebore. 

Sy spog met 'n pragtige 3.44kg gewig 
en 'n 49cm in lengte by geboorte. 
Chantelle, Stefan en Michail: Baie baie 
geluk, mag sy vir Jul net lewenvreugde en 
baie plesier verskaf. Baie geluk ook aan 
die trotse oumagrootjie, Engela van Eck, 
ouma Chen Freysen en oupas, Jim Frey- 
sen en Johan van Eck. 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert Urienfc 


* Cornie Koen (24 April 1967 - 12 July 2012) 

shop manager, neat, efficient, polite, inter- 
ested, conscientious and patient, espe- 
cially with difficult customers. 

Cornie shared in the excitement when we 
received new blankets, in the bright col- 
ours of the mohair products and the chal- 
lenge of making the shop a success. Her 
crocheted doilies, scarves and shawls were 
a hit with both local and foreign tourists. 
She was a blessing for me. 

Cornie also managed the Prince Albert 
Friend's admin from the shop for seven 
years. She did an impeccable job and 
rarely complained even when dealing with 
stubborn debtors. 

Cornie was a deeply committed Christian, 
wife and mother. Cornie and Johan's 
daughter, Illandy, was their pride and joy. 

Twelve years ago Cornie joined Cornie said that their priority was being 
Prince of Africa after working good parents and ensuring that Illandy 
for Standard Bank's Prince Albert was also well educated, 
branch. She was a lovely, kind and 
loving person, and also an excellent Two months ago as we drove back from 

Cornie Koen 

her last oncology appointment, Cornie 
commented, "We did that, I am so proud 
of Illandy." 

She loved the dream home she and 
Johan built on the farm outside Prince 
Albert and looked forward to living 
there and growing her own vegetables 
one day. Sadly, after battling cancer for 
19 years she could not carry on any- 

We are all praying that Illandy and 
Johan will find the strength to continue 
living Cornie's dream. They know that 
they have the support of all their friends 
and colleagues. Cornie's mother and 
family in Rustenburg are also in our 

Thank you, Cornie, for being such a 
huge part of all our lives, we were 

- Di Steyn - 


Verkoop en Herstel 
; van Grassnyers en Randsnyers * 

Tel/Faks: 044-279 2309 ^ 

Sel: 073 423 0473 / 071 547 5490 



Nuwestraat 11, OUDTSHOORN 

Probleme met u grassnyer of randsnyer? 

Ons help graag! 
Bring u grassnyertoerusting die wintermaande en ons diens dit vir u! 

Vir jou gerief het Oudtshoorn Grassnyerdienste 
ook nou krediet en debietkaartfasiliteite. 

Kom maak 'n draai en gesels met VASTI of JOHAN 


prince Albert ifinznb 

July/August 2012 

Vrouegesondheid -GRATIS- JY is verantwoordelik vir jou welsyn! 


I ie Wes-Kaap Regering het vroeer 
in die maand die "Vier Seisoene" 
Vroue-gesondheidsveldtog van stapel 
gestuur. Die doel is om vroue te bemagtig 
om self na hulle gesondheid om te sien en 
ook om vir hulle vinnige, maklike en ef- 
fektiewe toegang en 'n holistiese benade- 
ring tot hulle eie gesondheid te gee. 

In die lig van Vrouedag word vroue in die 
provinsie aangemoedig om ten voile ge- 
bruik te maak van elke geleentheid en 
om hulself te vergewis van sake soos 
voorbehoed keuses, ongewenste swanger- 
skappe, gesinsbeplanning, servikale en 
borskanker toetse, voorgeboortesorg en 
chroniese siekte bestuur. 

Theuns Botha, die Wes-Kaap se Minister 
van Gesondheid, het vroeer in die maand 
gese: "Vroue se gesondheid is een van 
ons top vyf gesondheidsprioriteite. 
Plaaslike hospitale sal gratis dienste ver- 
skaf om die servikale kankertoetsing tot 
67,3% op te stoot, die getalle van voorge- 

boorte besoeke voor die twintigste week 
van swangerskap na 60% te vermeerder en 
om geboortes van moeders onder agtien 
jaar oud tot 6,4% te beperk." 

Die Wes-Kaap Staatsgesondheid wil die 
oorsake van sterftes verbonde aan moeder- 
skap verminder, die bestuur van swanger- 
skappe verbeter, kwaliteit voorsiening van 
voorbehoeding verseker, voor en nage- 
boortesorg verbeter, sterftes na onveilige 
aborsies elimineer en gemeenskapsgesond- 
heid bewustheid en beskikbaarheid 

"Ek wil my op alle vroue beroep om verant- 
woordelikheid vir hulle gesondheid te neem 
en om ten voile gebruik te maak van die 
gratis dienste wat in ons fasiliteite beskik- 
baar is." se Minister Botha. 

• Voorbehoedkeuses 

• Swangerskap 

• Gesondheidstoetse vir vroue 

• Gratis PAP smere 

• Bors-ondersoeke 

• Toetse vir chroniese siektes: bloed- 
druk, cholesterol, suikersiekte, 


Die "Right to Care" bussie met uiters 
bekwame personeel besoek Prince Albert 
maandeliks - daar word gratis papsmere, 
borsondersoeke, gesinsbeplanning en 
VIGS toetsing gedoen. Die Augustus 
datum kan by die kliniek bekom word en 
die diens is beskikbaar aan die hele ge- 
meenskap, al sou hulle 'n mediese fonds 

Toekomstige spesiale gesondheids- 
uitreike vir almal, mans en vrouens, met 
stalletjies word beplan vir: 

7 Desember 2012 

Prince Albert - Vrischgewaadg 

8 Februarie 2013 
Prince Albert Kliniek 
8Maart 2013 

- Barbara Gorniak - 

Wh^n last did YOU 


0?2. (&) cm 

nv\m»" uuuu 


M. J. x s 


023-5411557 (F) 

• Installering van solar spuitbronne, verwarmer- 
pompe, dompel-pompe, en nog meer. Wye 
reeks van SABS goedgekeurde produkte beskikbaar 
teen mededingende pryse. 

Plaaslike, proffessionele en vriendelike diens 
verskaf deur geakkrediteerde persone. 

• Installation of solar geysers, heat pumps, solar 
pumps, and more. Wide range of SABS approved 
products available at competitive prices. 

Local, professional, and friendly service supplied 
by accredited people. 

Vir enige navrae of kwotasies, kontak gerus: 

For any enquiries or quotes, please contact: 

Cobus Fourie [ 074-2856077 / 023-5411557 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert Urtenfc 



Ratepayers' & Residents' Association 
Belastingbetalers- & Inwonersvereeni 

Municipal Finanaces & Ward Committee Reporting 

The 2012/2013 Municipal Budget 

July 1 st marked the beginning of the 
new municipal financial year. And a 
look at the budget makes interesting 
reading. The total operating budget is 
R46,4 million (rounded off) of which 
nine million is for capital expenditure 
and a surplus of R3 200.00 is expected. 
Just over half the budget, R23,7 million, 
will come from the Provincial and Na- 
tional treasuries. 

The poorest of the poor will be subsi- 
dised to the tune of R2,7million. Munici- 
pal employees' wages will account for 
Rll,13 million (around 30% of the total 
budget) - slightly down from last year. 
Income from rates and services is ex- 
pected to be about R18,6 million with a 
payment rate of 90%. At the end of June 
2011 R5,5 million was owed to the 
Prince Albert Municipality (PAM) in 
outstanding accounts. And of that, R3,5 
million had been outstanding for more 
than three months. Deceased estates are a 
contributing factor in that the deceased's 
municipal accounts are not closed off. 
Surviving family members are encour- 
aged to contact PAM's accounts' depart- 
ment on such matters. The good news is 
that, despite hard times and rising costs, 
outstanding payments has increased by 
just 2% over the 2011/2012 financial 
year. So the PAM is grateful to those 
who pay regularly and on time every 

Expected income from traffic fines is 
R2.6 million, but almost immediately 
wiped out by councillors' remuneration 
of R2, 1 7 million. Due to a lack of funds, 
only Rl,2 million has been allocated to 
repairs and maintenance... a situation 
that council hopes to remedy sooner 
rather than later. Direct income from the 

sale of electricity will be R10,7 million 
offset by a payment of R6,7 million to 
ESCOM for the service. (Which, sadly, 
doesn't mean a fat profit as there are 
many expenses to be met in the provision 
of that service.) 

Increases in property rates and water are 
9,6% and 10% respectively, while elec- 
tricity will rise by 10% per basic charge 
and 11,03% for usage. The charge for 
pre-paid meters will increase by 1 1,03%. 

As you may know, the system of empty- 
ing conservancy tanks has changed. In 
the past residents phoned the municipal- 
ity to have their tanks emptied and paid 
accordingly. Now a monthly levy of 
R91.20 (R80 plus VAT) per household 
will be charged and tanks will be emptied 
every month. (A slightly different tariff 
applies to businesses and guesthouses.) 

Some areas of Prince Albert have been 
on the waterborne system for a few years, 
and the monthly levy for that will in- 
crease by 7%. The PAM anticipates that 
the whole town will be put onto the wa- 
terborne system eventually as detailed in 


the current Integrated Development Plan 
(IDP). The cost of this is huge but would 
be met by provincial government. 

Ward Committee Reporting 

ake a note that Barbara Castle repre- 
sents members of this Association 
the Ward Committee, and will raise 

issues with the relevant ward councillor on 

behalf of members. 

After each monthly Ward Committee 
meeting Barbara will report back on pro- 
jects under discussion and progress on 
members' issues. To communicate quickly 
and directly with members email is the 
preferred channel. So please make sure we 
have your address by mailing with WARD COM- 
MITTEE in the subject line. Upcoming 
Ward Committee meetings are scheduled 
for 7 ,h August and 5 th September. 

So do let us have your concerns, or sugges- 
tions for improved municipal service deliv- 
ery - as well as how you think the issue 
might be resolved - as soon as possible. 


Need someone to look after 
your property investment in Prince Albert? 

Spiekeries Cleaning Service is here to assist you and take care of the cleaning and key 
holding of your home. 

Spiekeries Cleaning Service takes pride in the cleaning of your home. 

Spiekeries Cleaning Service offers the following services: 

We specialize in guest houses and holiday homes. Our cleaning service varies from 
once-off spring cleaning, daily maintenance, weekly cleaning and cleaning of windows. 

We will make sure your home is as shiny as can be! 
Contact Marelize: 082 804 3364 / 023-541 1423 


prince Albert ifinznb 

July/August 2012 

Fire Severely Damages St John's 'Living Fossil' Tree 

The old Bunya tree at St John's Church was badly 

damaged in a recent fire (Photo: John McKenna) 

Late on the night of Wednesday, 1 8 
July, a fire caused extensive dam- 
age to the old Bunya tree in the garden of 
St John's Anglican Church on Bank 
Street. The Prince Albert Police, assisted 
by the Municipal fire service and the 
Municipal Manager, Heinrich Mettler, 
managed to extinguish the fire and hope- 

fully save the tree, which is estimated to be 
nearly 200 years old. They also prevented 
the fire spreading to the church building 
and the adjacent private property. 

Yolande Singery, who witnessed the fire at 
about 22h00 on 18 July, described the 
flames as fierce. The tree oozes resin, 
which explains why it was so combustible. 
The Police have no evidence as to how the 
fire started and whether it may have been 
deliberately lit. A forester has advised the 
St John's congregation to leave the tree 
alone for a couple of months for it to get 
over the shock of the fire. When it started 
producing shoots, he said, the dead wood 
could be trimmed. The forester seemed 
confident the tree would recover. 

It is thought that the NG Kerk congregation 
planted the Bunya tree before the land was 
sold to the Anglican Church in the 1860s. 
It is now part of the St John's Church's 
labyrinth and its shade provides a place of 

contemplation, quiet and prayer. The fire 
damaged the bench under the tree but the 
Church's congregation believes it can be 
repaired. Lin and Jack Davies from the 
Florida Baptist Church donated the 
bench to St John's several years ago. 
(Lin's father, whose surname was Baillie, 
and grandfather are buried in the NG 
Kerk cemetery.) 

The Bunya tree, Araucauria Bidwillii, is 
a native of Queensland, Australia. It is 
also known as the "False Monkey Puzzle 
Tree." This species of tree has existed 
since the Jurassic Period, approximately 
15 million years ago. It can grow up to 
45 metres high with a trunk diameter of 
up to 1.5 metres. The leaves are spiny 
and spikey and the fruit is pineapple- 
shaped and is about 23cm long and 20cm 
in diameter. The fruit can weigh up to 
8.2kg and was believed to have been 
eaten by dinosaurs. The life span of this 
tree is 500 to 1000 years and it is re- 
garded as a "living fossil." 

- John McKenna - 


Veld Restoration cc 

Nursery Kwekery 



Kerk <& van Dykstraat 
Prince Albert 

Weekdays 9.00-17.00 Werkdae 
Weekends 9.00-13.00 Naweke 

*Trees, shrubs, succulents; Borne, struike, vetplante 

• Herbs, veggie plants; Kruie, gooenteplantjies 

* Compost, potting soil; Kompos, potgrond 

Sue and Richard Dean; 082 770 0206; 082 845 9588 www, renu-karoo. co. za 


Awesome coffee 

(Get your loyalty card now - buy 10 coffees and get one for FREE) 

Home-made pies 

White hot chocolate 

Fudge Picasso cake... Fig tipsy tart 

New winter stock just arrived 
Clothes, scarves, gloves... and much more 

Winter Warmers: 

"Local is lekker" breakfast 
2 eggs, bacon, fried tomato, toast plus coffee or tea - R30 

Bowl of hot soup & bread - R30 

Trading Hours: 

Mon - Fri 08:00 - 16:00 

Sat & Sun 08:00 - 15:00 

Closed on Tuesdays 

Lah-di-dah... .Country life starts here! 

6a Church Street, Prince Albert PO Box 181, 
Prince Albert, 6930, Tel/Fax: 023 5411 846 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


VLV vergaderings 


Ria Potgieter wys ons hoe om 'n papier mache hart te maak... (Foto: Yvette Breedt) 

I nder ons studierigting Kunste en 
handvlyt, het ons besluit om in hier- 
die jaar 'n kunstenaar te nader wat ons as 
dames kan inspireer. 

Daarom, op 'n pragtige middag in April, 
kom al die dames van die VLV by Lah- 
di-dah bymekaar vir n heerlike saamkuier 
met die baie innemende en talentvolle 
kunstenares, Ria Potgieter, 'n boervrou 
wat saam met haar man Joey op hul 
lieflike plaas naby Oudtshoorn woon. 

Op een van die tafels stal sy al haar ar- 
tikels uit... van papier mache harte, 
houtkaartjies tot pragtige skilderye. Almal 
het na hartelus vir hulself en hulle ge- 
heime vriendinne gekoop. Die hoogtepunt 
van die middag was 'n demonstrasie deur 
Ria, waar sy stap vir stap gewys hoe om 
'n papier mache hart te maak. Ria Pot- 
gieter kwalifiseer as kuns onderwyseres, 
maar skilder was nog altyd deel van haar 
menswees Haar skilderye word in die 
Kaap verkoop, maar ons is gelukkig om 
dit sommer hier naby te kan geniet, want 
van haar werk is by Klapperbos in De 
Rust te koop. Sy maak buitengewone sak- 
pas geskenke waarvan almal hou. 'n Paar 
jaar gelede het sy ook uit haar huis koek 
en tee voorsien vir die toeriste wat met 
die Herrie treintjie verby hul plaas gery 

Baie duisend dankies aan Yvette en haar 
personeel vir die gebruik van hul pragtige 
padstal en dat julle langer as gewoonlik 
vir ons oopgebly het. 

In 'n verdere studierigting, op Woensdag 

16 Mei, naamlik openbare sake, gesels en 
gee Rian Coetzee raad aan lede en hul 
huishulpe. Sake wat bespreek word gaan 
onder meer oor testamente en wat mens te 
doen staan as iemand sonder 'n testament 
te sterwe kom. Wat om te doen met die 
verkoop van eiendom, onderhoud en baie 
belangrik, om weg te bly van smouse wat 
begrafnispolisse verkoop of geldleen 
plekke wat jou net sal uitroei omdat hulle 
meestal gewetenloos is. 

Dit was regtig 'n baie insiggewende praat- 
jie om ons net weer bewus te maak van al 
die slaggate waarin mens so maklik kan 
trap. Dis is ook gerusstellend om te weet 
dat prokureurs daar is om mense te help. 
Baie dankie Rian, vir jou tyd en jou 
bereidheid om met ons te kom gesels. 

In studierigting, Gesondheid, was dit 
Karin Miller wat, op haar rustige manier, 
ons meer kom vertel van Colour Healing 
Energy - the understanding of colour and 
its relationship to healing. A non-invasive 
gentle healing therapy... 

Sjoe, dit is baie interessant ... en as jy nie 
jouself is nie en nie weet wat fout is nie, 
skakel gerus vir Karin vir 'n sessie. 
Moenie verbaas wees as sy jou verras met 
wat sy se nie. 

Baie dankie Karin, dat jy jou kennis met 
ons gedeel het en ons ingelig het oor iets 
wat voorheen aan ons onbekend was. 
Mens is nooit te oud om te leer nie! 

Oor ons besoek by Gudrun Toelstede op 
25 Julie berig ons volgende keer. 




Plaaslike en vriendelike diens/Local 
and friendly service! 

Photography -themes: 

■ Verjaarsdag-partytjies/Birthday- 

■ Verlowings-partytjies/ 

■ Mondigwordings/Emancipations 

■ Matriekafskeide/ 

■ Baba- en kleuter foto's/ 
Toddler- and infant photos 

■ Kompetisies/Competitions 

■ Sportdae/Sporting events 

■ Prysuitdelings/Prize-giving's 
en baie meer/and lots more! 

(Sal troues en familie-portrette op 
aanvraag doen/weddings and family 
portraits on request) 

Kontak my gerus/please contact me: 

Cobus Fourie 



prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

Music Fiesta in Support of Women's Day 

Wendy Oldfield celebrates Women's Day 2012 
at Mustang Sally's 

Local country rock musician, Brian 
Finch, has invited fellow performers 
Wendy Oldfield and Tigger Reunert to join 
him in celebrating Women's Day at Mus- 
tang Sally's in Prince Albert on 10 and 11 
August. The three musos will perform solo 
acts, duets and as a threesome. 

Wendy, Brian and Tigger have all had 
long careers in South Africa. For sev- 
eral years, Wendy has performed at the 
Women's Day event at Kirstenbosch 
National Botanical Gardens. This year 
Brian and his wife, Marion, asked her 
to be part of their planned celebration 
in Prince Albert. Wendy is the winner 
of several music awards and has been 
involved in production of movie scores, 
musical arrangements, wild life docu- 
mentaries and children's albums. She is 
currently recording a long awaited al- 
bum, which is due for release at the end 

Tigger Reunert began his musical ca- 
reer at an early age performing in a 
choir and in various musical produc- 
tions. It was at this early stage that his 
love affair with the guitar and entertain- 
ing people began. He has toured and 
recorded with many of South Africa's 
well-known artists, most recently with 
Brian Finch. 

Singer/songwriter Brian Finch needs no 
introduction to Prince Alberters. He re- 
cently released his new album, "In Another 
World." The CD has apparently sold the 
fastest to date and Brian continues to write 
and perform live for his fans all over South 
Africa and Namibia. Brian says that he 
will carry on doing so "until his last 

Tickets cost R80 per person and are on 
sale at the Tourism Office. Should you 
purchase your ticket before 7 August, R3 
will be donated to the Tourism Office to 
sponsor voting for Prince Albert in the 
final round of the Kwela/Rapport Dorp 
van die Jaar competition. Accommodation 
establishments are being encouraged to 
offer their guests free tickets to a show as 
part of a special weekend package. Guest- 
houses will then be charged R75 per ticket. 
To learn more contact Marion Finch on 
072 151 5693. Mustang Sally's is located 
at 3 Stockenstroom Street. 

Hoe werk Een Stap Dekking? 

Hoop jy jou geliefdes sal finansieel onafhanklik wees indien jy sterf of fisies ongeskik raak? 
Hoop jy dat jy daardie bietjie ekstra kan voorsien om begrafniskoste te dek of 'n bestaande 
inkomste aan te vul? 

Begin met dit waarvoor jy hoop. Sanlam se Een Stap Dekking bied 'n persoonlike dekkings- 
oplossing wat vir beide sterfte en fisiese inkorting voorsiening maak, met die gerief van 
'beperkte onderskrywing'. 

Schalk le Roux 

023 415 2318 
082 371 8461 

Danie le Grange 

023 541 1744 

083 444 3869 


El Sanlam 

Onsdink vooruit 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert UriE-nfc 


Uitreikgroep 10 jaar betrokke by Prince Albert 

Die uitreikgroep van die Stellenberg-gemeente voer 'n uitgelate weergawe 
van "Pinkenolsie" op vir 'n groot groep kinders in Noordend 

Gedurende die winterskoolvakansie 
het die NG Kerk Stellenberg 
(Bellville) se uitreikgroep weer, soos die 
afgelope tien jaar al, die lang pad Prince 
Albert toe aangepak - nie om welsyn- 
werk te doen nie, maar om die gemeen- 
skap te kom bemoedig, ondersteun en 
versterk. Veertig jongmense, van graad 
5 tot twintig jaar oud, het drie dae lank 
in Noordend en twee dae lank in Leeu- 
Gamka die tema "Identiteit in Christus" 
kom verkondig op grond van Gal 2:20. 

Die boodskap: Jy is nie wat ander mense 
se jy is nie: Jy is spesiaal... Jy is nie wat 
jy het nie - besittings is nie so belangrik 

Groepleier Etienne van Wyk het be- 
klemtoon dat die uitreik neutraal is en 
dat alle denominasies welkom is. Baptis, 
Apostolie, VGK, Anglikaan - almal het 
een doel, en dit is om Horn te dien met 
aanbidding en pryssange." Ons het ge- 
sien hoe die bestaande strukture in die 
dorp oor tien jaar al stewiger staan. 
Mense het saam gegroei en inisiatief 
begin neem om met geestelike gom te 
heg en te genees." 

Die uitreikgroep het speletjies saam met 
'n groot groep kinders gespeel, 'n drama 

opgevoer, huisbesoeke gedoen en 'n 
byeenkoms met die gemeenskap gehou. 
Tydens 'n aanddiens is die film 
"Courageous" vertoon om die rol van 
mans en vroue in hul verhoudings, hu- 
welike, werkplek en die lewe aan te 
spreek: Elke mens moet die rol in die 
gemeenskap speel wat vir hom of haar 
bedoel is. 

Die groep se entoesiasme is onuitputlik 
en hulle is in die proses om 'n perseel in 
Prince Albert aan te koop waar 'n kleu- 
terskool opgerig gaan word in same- 
werking met die plaaslike aksiegroep 
ROEP. Die onverbonde groep mense 
gaan fokus op armoede, werkskepping 
en opleiding. 

Pastoor Cecil de Kock se ervaring by die 
kleuterskool in Klapmuts waarop Prince 
Albert se skool geskoei gaan word, was 
vir hom 'n totale openbaring. Kinders 
daar leer dissipline en orde; hulle leer 
uitstekend lees en skryf en tel. Al die 
vaardighede dra hulle huis toe, in die 
gemeenskap in - en neem dit saam deur 
hul hele lewe. "Wat die oog sien, sal die 
mond van praat", se hy. 

- Denise Ohlson - 

(In die Karoo... Vervolg vanafp 21) 

30mm gemeet, gelukkig was dit sagte 
deurdringende reen en Maryna Olivier 
het opgewonde vertel dat hulle dam op 
Vrischgewaagd ook vol is. Die plase op 
die Seekoegatpad en in die dorp het 
meestal om en by 26mm gekry, alles stof 
tot groot dankbaarheid. 

Voor die reen was die stand van Ou- 
Kloof-dam 27% (12.8m) vol, ten tye van 
hierdie berig was die dam reeds 96% vol 
(18.5m) en die verwagting is dat daar 
heelwat water op pad is en dat dit binne- 
kort vol sal wees. Die Kweekvallei-sloot 
was reeds voor die reen vol en na die 
reen loop die surplus water in die Dorps- 
rivier af. 

Dit wil dus lyk asof ons 'n belowende 
somer tegemoetgaan en persoonlik sien 
ek uit na pragtige veldblomme! 

- Barbara Gorniak - 

Small Ads 


Project Management and 
Engineered Solutions 

For all your building projects 

or problems. 

Contact: Ian Canning 

Phone: 023 5411 515 

Cell: 073 741 0170 


Elektroniese indiening van persoonlike 

en voorlopige belastingopgawes. VAT 

201 returns submitted electronically. 

Elektroniese indiening van BTW 

opgawes. Boeke tot balansstaat/ 

Accounts to balance sheet 

Jan Booyens 

Kerkstraat 61, Prince Albert 

Cell 072 812 3455 or 023 5411 900 

Fax 023 5411 915 



Professionally qualified framer 

for all your framing needs. 

Trevor at 023 5411 079 

or 3 De Qweekvallei Estate. 


prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 



e. Belinda Oosthuizen het aan die 
. begin van die derde kwartaal in 
die plek van Mnr. D. Jacobs by die per- 
soneel van die Hoerskool Zwartberg 
aangesluit. Sy is hoofsaaklik verantwoor- 
delik vir Rekenaartoepassingstegnologie. 


Vrydagaand, 20 Julie, was dit die 
matrieks van Hoerskool Zwartberg 
se aand. Dit was matriekafskeid. 

Die tabberds en haarstyle is lank voor die 
tyd beplan. Almal, die seuns en die 
meisies, was smaakvol geklee in die 
pragtigste uitrustings. 

Die aand het afgeskop met 'n fotosessie 
op die rugbyveld van die Hoerskool 
Zwartberg en by die Albertsmeul. Daarna 
het almal by die bejaardesorg-sentrum 
in Noordeinde en Huis Kweekvallei 
hulle pragtige uitrustings vertoon en die 
bejaardes se asems weggeslaan. Die tema 
van die aand was 'Aspoestertjie' met 
pampoene en 'n koets. Dit alles het vir 
hulle gewag toe hulle oorbeweeg het na 
die keurig versierde skoolsaal, waar hul 
gul ontvang is. Een en almal van hulle 
dra hul dank oor aan Mev. Jakoba 
Visagie en haar helpers wat ook vir hulle 
'n heerlike aansit-ete gereel het. 

Die matrieks is dit eens dat die ma- 
triekafskeid een van die wonderlikste 
geleenthede van hulle lewens was en dat 
hulle baie spesiaal gevoel het in hulle 
eenmalige uitrustings en sprokieversierde 
saal. Sien bladsy 26 en 27 vir foto's. 

Die hele Hoerskool Zwartberg het vergader om deel te wees van die landswye en 
selfs internasionale poging om Madiba toe te sing met sy verjaardag. Wereldwyd 
sou almal presies om 08:00 die liedjie "Happy birthday, Madiba" sing. Dit sou dan die 
meeste mense wees wat op een slag 'n persoon met sy verjaardag toesing. Dit was 'n 
groot voorreg om deel te wees van hierdie rekord. 


|P Saterdag, 21 Julie, is daar inge- 
breek by twee motors by Kroonhof 
Koshuis. Die motors was agter die kos- 
huis onder die afdak wat vir die personeel 
se motors bedoel is, geparkeer. Toe een 
van die eienaars van die motors om 08:20 
by die afdak kom om die motor uit te 
trek, het sy tot haar skok gesien dat daar 
by haar motor ingebreek is. By verdere 
ondersoek het dit aan die lig gekom dat 
daar by die motor langsaan ook ingebreek 
is, by albei voertuie is een agterruit uit- 
geslaan. Een van die motors se klein 
voorruitjie was ook uitgeslaan. 

Die polisie is besig om die saak te onder- 
soek. 'n Forensiese deskundige van Beau- 
fort- Wes het verskeie vingerafdrukke en 
selfs bloed op die motors gekry. Baie 
dankie aan Adjudant Offisier Moolman 
en Sersant Van Eck vir hulle hulp. Dit is 
jammer dat sulke dinge hier in die vreed- 
same Prince Albert moet gebeur, veral in 
die lig van die "Dorp van die Jaar"- kom- 
petisie waaraan die dorp deelneem. 


Kaptein Eddie Hattingh en Konstabel 
Vynzell Meyer van die plaaslike 
polisie het 'n skenking van skryfbehoeftes 
aan die Hoerskool Zwartberg gemaak. Die 
skryfbehoeftes is vir die gebruik deur 
minderbevoorregte leerders. 

Op die meegaande foto ontvang Mnr. 
Richard McKnight, skoolhoof, die ge- 

- Christelle Smit - 

Julie/Augustus 2012 

prince Albert Urienu 



R 2 900 000 ■ PRINCE ALBERT 

R 3 500 000 


Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garage 3 WEB 266829 
Spectacular! 3860ha. Main home plus 5x2 bed 
cottages. Fully restored velt. Game. Water. Eskom. 
Option to buy 1 of 5 shares at R2m each. 


Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Garage 1 WEB 267603 

This dream 2.75ha small-holding is planted to vines. 
Right on the edge of town. Water. Stunning views and 
a lovely cottage. 


Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garage 1 WEB 269552 

Calling all architects, designers and artists. This 
could be your perfect home. Stylish, artist's studio, 
large garden, pool and views. Plans for expansion. 


Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage 2 WEB 263973 

Lovely home against the koppie. Peaceful and quiet 
set in a pretty garden. Character outbuildings. Fruit 
trees and space to grow your own vegies 


Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2 Garage 1 WEB 261556 

Beautifully designed, double volume, spacious home 
with pool and manicured low maintenance garden. 
Lock-up and go. 


Bedrooms Bathrooms Garage WEB 269149 

Well situated in town, this vacant plot is new on the 
market. Quiet area with views of the koppie. 

Talk to us about 

023 5411 800 

082 3255 777 

079 7447 969 

SA's preferred home of more than 33 000 properties for sale and rent. 




prince Albert JFrteno 

July/August 2012 

Prince Albert's New eCentre 

Senior resident, Ingrid Scheepers, enjoys learning how to use a computer 

Prince Albert's new eCentre opened 
its doors to the community on 30 
June. Equipped with 1 1 brand new com- 
puters with Internet connections, the 
eCentre is housed in the freshly painted, 
bright blue container next to the 
Sydwell Williams Centre and is open to 
all residents. 

The eCentre is funded and maintained 
by Cape Access, a project run by the 
Department of the Premier of the West- 
ern Cape. The project's goal is to pro- 
vide access to information and com- 
puter technology to rural communities 
across the province. There are now 19 
eCentres in the Western Cape. Accord- 
ing to Cape Access' Hilton Arendse, 
"This will increase the number of peo- 
ple who can gain access to government 
services, especially citizens who were 
previously not aware of or unable to 
access these services." 

The eCentre will offer training so that 
residents can use its facilities effectively 
and also become more computer liter- 
ate. Ashley Schippers, the eCentre's 
Manager and Lionel Wanie, its Devel- 
opment Manager, are due to complete 
the International Computer Driving Li- 
cence course (ICDL) soon and will then 
be able to train residents who wish to 

gain or improve computer skills. Hilton 
Arendse proudly told the Friend of a 
pensioner in a small rural town who had 
recently successfully completed the 
ICDL, proof that one is never too old to 
learn a brand new skill. 

Use of the computers is free of charge 
for the first 45 minutes and users can 
print the first 1 pages of a document at 
no cost. "Kids can do their projects here 
after school. Even if kids spend most of 
the 45 minutes playing computer games, 
we don't mind; we want them to feel 
comfortable at the keyboard and 
chances are that they will want to ex- 
plore further," Ashley said. Lionel 
added that older residents, the members 
of the Golden Games, were being en- 
couraged to learn how to use the com- 

The eCentre is open daily from 08h00 to 
16h00 and on Saturday mornings from 
08h00 to 12h00. It is wheelchair 
friendly. To learn more, contact Ashley 
or Lionel on 023 541 1628 or e-mail 

- Linda Jaquet - 

Small Ads 


Oude Kloof Guesthouse on irrigation 

farm 6km out of town, self catering, 

sleeps 10, R250.00pppn. 

Camping R60.00 pppn. 

Bousand, Tuingrond, Konkruit, Klip, 

Kraalmis, Vleitjiesriet. 

Kontak ons vir volume en prys. 

Braaihout @R1.00/stuk, 


Kikuyu grassooie @ R30.00/vkm 

Telefax: 0235411723 

Mobile: 082 774 8885 



Please call Athol on 082 821 6984 
No Charge 


Cement Blocks & Bricks 

Tel: (023) 5411 810 
Cell: 082 721 7261 
Cell: 079 233 3007 


To Let: Garages, Workshops, Storage 

Tel/Fax: (023)5411810 

Cell 0827217261 

Cell 079 233 3007 


All sizes - Alle groottes 

Tel/Fax (023) 5411 810 

Cell: 082 7217 261 

or 079 2333 007 


Crockery & Cutlery to rent for functions 
Contact Lienkie on 023 5411 709 

TIMBER MAGIC 082 261 9010 

Cupboards @ Wholesale Prices. 
Unit 8 Space Rentals. Ind Area. 


Kontak: Marelize Vorster by 
023-541 1423 / 082 804 3364